RuPaul’s Twitter: Trump Doesn’t Want To Be President — Fake Article Claims Sexual Assault [Hoax]

RuPaul is an entertainer who has been around for years — and now is the subject of a hoax involving Donald Trump. RuPaul can be seen in the above photo standing tall over Milton Berle, way back on September 2, 1993. RuPaul was presenting the MTV Viewers’ Choice Video Award that day at the Universal Amphitheatre in Universal City, California — but on Saturday, October 15, RuPaul is making news because of her words about Trump.

Not all of RuPaul’s words about Trump are genuinely attributed to RuPaul, however. As reported by Trendolizer, a website that tracks trending articles, one specific article on a different publication noted for fake news is gaining loads of views. The article claims that RuPaul is joining Trump’s long list of sexual assault accusers by claiming that RuPaul said Trump grabbed her behind and genitals at a 1995 party.


However, the official RuPaul Facebook account did not mention such accusations from RuPaul against Trump. Instead, RuPaul wrote words that seemed to allude to Trump not actually having a desire to be president, but to build a media empire.

“He actually doesn’t want to be President. He’s plotting a media empire to rival Murdoch.”

On Twitter, there is no mention on RuPaul’s account as of this writing about Trump sexual assault allegations.

The accusations claimed that RuPaul gave an interview to a publication about Trump grabbing RuPaul’s genitals.

“In an exclusive interview with the Hollywood Inquirer, RuPaul said that Mr. Trump ‘made a move’ on him during an event celebrating the release of the movie To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar. The artist was wearing his full drag queen apparel at the time, and he says Trump clearly mistook him for a real woman.

“‘I had just come out of the bathroom when Trump jumped on me and kissed me,’ he explained. ‘He started grabbing my a** and pulled my dress up to grab my genitals. He suddenly became very angry. He started yelling and cursing, and he left the party. He just wanted to use me as an object…I’ve never felt so dirty in my life! In a way, I was saved by the fact that I’m a man.’

“RuPaul says he found Donald Trump attractive before this incident, but that he was shocked by his rudeness and vulgarity.”

However, these allegations appear to be coming from one of the so-called “clickbait political sites” that are earning incomes by creating fake stories surrounding the fervor related to Trump, as reported by the Guardian. Such fake news stories are getting a big boost from Facebook shares. As seen in the below trending graph, the article has gotten more than 43,500 shares on Facebook.
RuPaul Sheryl Lee Ralph and RuPaul [Image by Earl Gibson III/AP Images]
With such a shocking twist of RuPaul allegedly coming forward as a Trump sexual assault victim, the fake article provides a twist on the gender of Trump’s latest sexual assault accusers. Since so many women have come forward lately to accuse Trump of bad behavior, the fake article writer or writers likely knew that an article involving RuPaul and Trump would get plenty of social media shares.

Trend graph:

The big twist on this made-up story is that the fake article claimed RuPaul was disappointed when Trump discovered what was beneath RuPaul’s dress.

The official RuPaul social media accounts do not appear to have commented on the fake article with the sexual assault claims against Trump being attributed to RuPaul. However, other valid publications — such as the New York Times and People — have recently gotten plenty of attention by publishing a plethora of testimonies from women who claim that Trump sexually assaulted them in years past.

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