Adrian Sanchez: Utah Man Faces Charges After Abandoning Daughter, Protective Order Against Father Denied By Court [Video]

A Utah man, Adrian Sanchez, is facing charges after he abandoned his 5-year-old daughter late at night when he left her outside at Ogden-Weber Applied Technology College Campus. The temperatures reached a low of 39 degrees while the little girl sat there, scared and alone, Mommy Page reveals. A protection order against Sanchez on behalf of the little girl was denied by court.

The little girl waited until daylight for her father to return, but he never did. The girl’s mother made a chilling statement after she saw the video surveillance.

“She said she got scared. She was yelling, ‘Daddy!’ but no one was there. She just kind of had her blanket and waited until daylight.”

The little girl waited until 7:30 a.m. to be rescued. It was not until then that she saw Fred Frazier, a security personnel, that she took off running towards him and even fell and scraped her leg in the process, Fox 13 revealed.

“It was heartbreaking for him. To see a little girl running alone by herself. That’s when he got very concerned, and she was shivering and cold.”

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As of right now, Ogden Police have not yet figured out the reason behind the man abandoning his child, but the investigation is ongoing. According to the girl’s mother, they have had issues with Sanchez in the past, but nothing like this.

“We don’t know really what purpose he’d take the child, if there was a drug-induced psychosis. Right now, we’re waiting to interview the father.”

According to KWWL, Sanchez told his daughter to, “shut up, and lay down and go to sleep.” The police are questioning if the abandonment was drug-related.

The mother attempted to file a protective order against the girl’s father on behalf of their daughter, but the court denied it.

The father is facing charges of child abuse and child abandonment.

As per Section 78B-7-202 Utah Code, an interested person can file a protection order on behalf of a child who is being abused or is in imminent danger of being abused.

The code further reveals that “abuse” refers to physical or sexual abuse.

While the father did not directly physically abuse the child, she was left in 30-degree weather all alone and could have been physically harmed, or worse, kidnapped and killed.

It has not been revealed whether further action will be taken by the girl’s mother. As per Section 78B-7-203 Utah Code, after a protection order is denied, the interested person can request a hearing within 20 days after determination.

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Good4Utah revealed that Sanchez lived with his parents, which is where he had the little girl prior to taking her to, and leaving her at, the college campus. The little girl’s parents were never married, but are separated.

The little girl had no shoes and no coat. Sanchez allegedly told his daughter that he had to go look for a dog, according to the girl’s mother.

Ogden Police do believe that the man is dangerous, and the little girl’s mother does not think that they are moving fast enough with the investigation. Ogden Lt. Tim Scott claims that they have their reasons for why they have not yet arrested Sanchez.

“If a person is a danger to the public we want him off the streets right away. But a case like this we can slow down and conduct a forensically sound investigation. That’s always for the best.”

The little girl’s mother is extremely worried that Sanchez is going to come after them due to “bizarre” statements he has allegedly made towards her and their daughter in the past.

“He told me he has ‘to take the two of them (Sanchez and daughter) out.’ He’s very very dangerous. He blacks out so bad to where he doesn’t know what he’s doing.”

As of Saturday, a report of an arrest against Sanchez has not yet been made, but this story will be updated as more information becomes available.

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