Escape The Dating Apocalypse In Hinge's New Animated Short [Video]

In a time of social media and advanced technology, finding the right person should be easier than ever before. With the ability to link our Facebook and Instagram pages to our dating profiles, it should also be easier to find common interests and what people are into, right?

Well, things aren't quite that easy, as people really only use these dating sites for one-night stands and only swipe right (approval) on people they find attractive. Factor in the amount of people who send dirty, sexual messages for no reason on these apps and maybe we're really better off going to social functions and asking our friends to set us up with their friends. The old safe route appears to be a smarter option at this point, at least for those who don't look like they belong in the next JCPenney catalog.

And that is where Hinge, a dating app that is trying to re-invent the "dating wheel" that's become standard in the past few years comes in. Recently, Hinge unveiled The Dating Apocalypse, a short film that relates the current dating standard to the end of days.

Hinge explained the video in a memo sent to the Inquisitr last week.

"In the film, our hero, a lonely everyguy, finds himself trapped in the 'Date-O-Pocalypse' – a creepy carnival that serves as a metaphor for online dating. Exhausted singles aimlessly wandering like swiped-out zombies pass rides such as 'Catch-a-Catfish,' 'Wheel of Loneliness,' 'Ghosted!' and the 'Cycle of Loneliness.' There's the 'One Nighter' roller coaster representing one-night stands, and a free 'eggplant pics' tent (which ties back to Hinge's finding that 70% of women who use dating apps have received sexually explicit messages).... Our hero attempts to find love at the 'Swipe Out,' a game in which endless choices of potential mates are paraded on a conveyor belt. He swipes right – it's a match! – but a true connection is thwarted by a 'keep playing' screen and the next option. Dejected, our hero wanders away, finally noticing an 'exit' sign with the Hinge logo – an escape!"
Hinge App Dating Apocalypse
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Produced by STUDIO, there are also references to several romance movies in the video, which is set to Heart's 1985 classic "What About Love?"

"Outside of the 'Date-O-Pocalypse' he is momentarily blinded by the bright sunlight. When he recovers, he sees a brightly lit, joyful world populated with couples reenacting iconic scenes from classic romantic movies: Ghost, Sixteen Candles, The Notebook, Dirty Dancing, and Say Anything. Feeling hopeful, our hero walks into this bright new world, and bumps into a young woman holding a book. He tries to swipe right, but that's not how it works in Hingeland. Instead, she takes his hand and they walk off together, smiling, chatting, and connecting in real life."

Hinge gets bonus points for using the apocalypse theme in the video in a time where works like The Walking Dead, The Last of Us, and Fallout are so popular -- and often feature love subplots in them.

On Hinge's official website, their goals are outlined as follows.

"Inspired by love, and guided by authenticity, Hinge creates meaningful connections among those bold enough to seek real relationships. What about love? We sincerely believe in love, and fight for it every day. We build products for humans, by humans, and always with the utmost respect for our members and their experience. We take big risks and will never be satisfied with the status quo."
Based on their Twitter feed, Hinge is also taking suggestions from users on how to improve the app and get more people to download.


Available on both the Apple Store and Google Play, Hinge offers users a three-month free trial before they're required to $7 per month. The process, which links your Facebook account, has you answer several prompts -- worst roommate story, your favorite movie, etc. -- before connecting you with others. While this is also used in other apps, you don't have the option to simply swipe right or left here; you actually have to see what they're about, which is a great idea.

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Make sure to follow Hinge on Twitter at @HingeApp for the latest news and updates on what appears to be a revolutionary dating app.

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