Earth Is Under Observation, Will Be Swarming With Aliens In 20 Years: Fringe Science Enthusiast

Sometime in 1966, a 33-year-old author from Switzerland started conceptualizing an unusual plot for his book. After in-depth research and meetings with numerous science buffs, the book finally saw the light of day in 1968.

Chariot of the Gods wasn't just a sci-fi story that was read and relished. It sparked a lot of controversy, as it questioned the very existence of God.

In a matter-of-fact tone, each chapter confronted our long-held belief system, and stated that the divine almighty is, in fact, an alien species, far superior to the human race.

Like Darwin's Theory Of Evolution, many considered Erich von Daniken's Chariot of the Gods a modern day blasphemy. But that did not stop the far-fetched alien book from being a best seller.

Speaking from his home in Switzerland, Erich von Daniken, now 83, still claims that his bestseller depicts the truth about the universe, its beings and their evolution.

"I believe that at the moment we are under observation. This is based on conversations with very intelligent people, who have been told officially that UFOs are reality, and we are being watched," he said.

After consulting with experts like astronomer Harlow Shapley, Dr. Willy Ley, biochemist Dr. S. Miller, and other bright minds, Erich von Daniken in his book states that it is possible to survive without oxygen.

"The idea that life can only flourish under terrestrial conditions has been made obsolete by research. It is a mistake to believe that life cannot exist without water and oxygen. Even on our own earth there are forms of life that need no oxygen. They are called anaerobic bacteria. A given amount of oxygen acts like poison on them. Why should there not be higher forms of life that do not need oxygen?" Erich von Daniken questions in Chariot of the Gods.
"I believe within the next 20 years some extra terrestrials will show up here – on television maybe or in football stadiums. Crop circles show that somebody is already trying to contact us without shocking us. And we should start to think about these things."
From the vantage point of the aliens, Erich von Daniken, in Chariot of the Gods, says that human beings are constantly under observation.

"From a safe hiding-place the inhabitants of the planet watch our space travellers, who wear strange hats with rods on their heads (helmets with antennae); they are amazed when the night is made bright as day (searchlights); they are terrified when the strangers rise effortlessly into the air (rocket-belts); they bury their heads in the ground again when weird unknown 'animals' soar in the air, droning, buzzing and snorting (helicopters, all-purpose vehicles), and lastly they take flight to the safe refuge of their caves when a frightening boom and rumble resounds from the mountains (a trial explosion). Undoubtedly our astronauts must seem like almighty gods to these primitive people," says Erich von Daniken.

"I believe extraterrestrials will return to Earth and we should take this into consideration so we are not shocked. We humans, we have a psychological problem with extra terrestrials. We look at earthlings at the biggest thing in the universe. We don't want extra terrestrials because they will crush our uniqueness. And therefore we try to deny they exist. But this has changed. Extra terrestrials were here and they promised our ancestors they would return. It would make more sense to look at this prospect in a speculative way, than to just throw it away. Don't say it's all rubbish."

"We should think about it as we do science fiction movies. Science fiction movies helps us to keep an open mind, and to ask questions about other life forms that might be out there," says Erich von Daniken.

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