Bom Of 2NE1: K-Pop Idol Makes Return To Instagram With New Account After Two Years Of Inactivity, Says She Misses Blackjacks

It has been over two years since Park Bom, better known by her K-pop idol moniker in popular YG Entertainment girl group 2NE1 in which she simply goes by her first name, showed any activity on her social media accounts, especially Instagram. The reason for her inactivity was to reflect after she was involved in a scandal back in 2014. Nevertheless, many Bom’s fans — especially those who identify themselves as Blackjacks (official fan club for 2NE1) — showed their love and support during her reflection, even commenting birthday wishes for her 32nd birthday on her inactive Instagram page.

As seen in the devotion Blackjacks have for Park Bom, they are continuously waiting for her to finally make her return to the K-pop limelight. Now it looks like Bom is taking one more step towards her upcoming return, which will eventually lead to 2NE1 making their return as well, as she has made her return to Instagram. In Bom’s latest post, she makes it known she misses her Blackjacks.


The news of Park Bom’s return to Instagram after two years of inactivity was first made known on her official Twitter account as reported by AllKpop. According to their report, she wrote that she started a new Instagram account which links to the first post on it.

“Started up Instagram again~~ I want to see our fans again ㅠㅠㅠㅠ I was wondering what photo to upload and I suddenly thought that the Moonshot and Jellypot one would be good… So, I went to see what better photos I took and then Kyang I uploaded this photo that they took of me.

When fans click on the link provided in Park Bom’s Twitter update, they are taken to a picture of her in a cosmetics store. Reading the caption provided, it seems that she was trying out two make-up styles known as “Moonshot” and “Jellypot.” It is very hard to tell which brand she is using, but the fact that she posted a picture of herself after two years is great news it on itself.

At this moment, Park Bom’s new Instagram account only has 37.3 thousand followers, a huge drop to her 1.6 million followers on her original account. Now to make it clear, it is unknown exactly why Bom started a new account. The only clear reason many could hypothesize is that Bom wanted to start anew given the fact her old account, though having many followers, is loaded with thousands of hate comments from anti-fans, sasaengs, and those who criticized her for her scandal two years ago, the one that made her go silent in the first place.

Back in 2014, Segye Ilbo broke the story of Park Bom being under investigation for drug smuggling back in 2010. Her family sent a package of 80 amphetamine tablets via mail. It was stopped at Incheon International Airport customs. Apparently, Bom was not charged and prosecuted bringing forth speculation the case was not handled properly because of her celebrity status. Though the drugs sent to her were legally prescribed through U.S. doctors, amphetamines are illegal in South Korea. Since the news was presented in a way that did not clarify the situation (yellow journalism), Bom was forced in a scandal which resulted in her leaving her reality television show Roommate and having her domestic activities suspended. This was followed-up with two years of reflection or inactivity.

It is good to see Park Bom make her return to Instagram even if it is through a new account. Given the fact she is a member of 2NE1, which is one of the most popular K-pop girl groups in the industry today, she will easily get back her 1.6 million followers, possibly getting more. Also, Bom’s return to Instagram will continue to stir up debate if 2NE1 is finally making their K-pop comeback which was initiated when they made their surprise appearance at MAMA 2015.

[Featured Image by YG Entertainment]