Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Reunion Rumors Soar: Justin Theroux Confesses Brangelina ‘Stresses’

Is it possible that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston will be reuniting amid his divorce woes? It’s been years since Brad and Jennifer formed what seemed like the perfect celebrity couple, but now rumors are swirling that in the wake of his split from Angelina Jolie, Pitt has been talking with Aniston and even making plans for a secret (although apparently not secret enough) meeting.


Brad is “desperate” to talk with Jennifer, according to OK! magazine via Hollywood Life. The actor, 52, allegedly received support from his former wife, 47, following his breakup, and after Aniston sent him a text message, the two planned a meeting, an insider told OK!.

Plans for the unexpected reconciliation for Jennifer and Pitt formed after Brad called the Friends actress upon getting her text, the insider added. Although Aniston’s marriage ended after Pitt worked with Jolie on Mr. & Mrs. Smith, she allegedly agreed to meet for the reunion at his beach house in Goleta, California.

Are Brad Pitt and former wife Jennifer Aniston planning to meet up?
Are Brad Pitt and former wife Jennifer Aniston planning to meet up? [Image by Evan Agostini/Getty Images]

And that home has a romantic history behind it for the former couple, according to OK!’s source.

“It’s the perfect spot because it’s far away from prying eyes…[Brad and Jen considered it a] romantic getaway.”

During their marriage, Pitt and Jennifer reportedly spent time together at that beach house. Will that same home be the place where they reconcile years later?

OK!’s insider emphasized that even though the spot chosen for the alleged rendezvous is the same place that Aniston and her former husband once viewed as romantic, this meeting isn’t about romance but about giving Brad an opportunity to see someone he “deeply respects.”


As for the person missing from this continuation of what was once a famous love story (Jennifer’s husband Justin Theroux), Gossip Cop reported both on OK!’s claims of a reunion in the works and on OK!’s allegation that Theroux is “on board” with his wife’s reunion plans with her ex.

Is Brad Pitt getting support from Jennifer Aniston?
Is Brad Pitt getting support from Jennifer Aniston? [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

Aniston is intrigued by the opportunity to reconcile with Pitt, according to OK!, which also noted that Theroux “isn’t the least bit threatened” about the alleged meeting and plans to “stay home,” citing the reason why Justin reportedly has no issues with the plans.

“[Justin] has no problem with [the reunion]….He trusts Jen absolutely, and has faith in the strength of their connection.”

But a source told Gossip Cop that Jennifer and Brad are not planning on a reunion, and that Theroux has not given Aniston permission to meet up with her former husband.


Moreover, Justin considers it “an honor” to support Jennifer throughout the drama of Brangelina, reported Cosmopolitan. Although Aniston’s husband confessed the stress of the situation, he also emphasized just how much he admires the Friends actress for her strength.

“[Jennifer] is a proper bada*s,” declared Theroux. “She has lived through a lot of bullsh*t.”

Reflecting on the impact of Brangelina, Justin pointed out that the stress would have been too much for some folks, but not for his strong wife.

“Many people would have crumbled under some of the stresses that have been put on [Jennifer].”

Consequently, the actor is “very proud” of Aniston because of the “way she handles herself.” Terming it “an honor” to be the man behind the woman, Theroux summed up Jennifer as “amazing.”


With the media spotlight always shining on them, what’s the key to keeping his marriage to Aniston on track? Theroux has one rule, and that’s “kindness,” reported People magazine.

Even though Justin portrays a man caught in a messy marriage situation on The Girl on the Train, the 45-year-old actor is happy with Jennifer, sharing his secret for keeping their love alive.

“Being kind, that’s it,” summed up Theroux simply. “I think that’s the best one. Approach each situation with kindness.”

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