Elections 2016 Polls: Donald Trump Loses 30 Electoral College Votes In One Week, Landslide Victory Projected For Hillary Clinton

NBC News is calling it “one of the craziest weeks we can remember in the 2016 race.” While both campaigns in the Presidential race of Elections 2016 have been dodging scandals and controversy, one campaign has taken a serious hit this week, after an Access Hollywood tape of Donald Trump came public. NBC is saying, it’s begun to show in the polls.

If the election were to happen today and the numbers NBC is showing are correct, Hillary Clinton would win by a landslide. This week, swing states originally considered toss-ups began to lean Democrat. NBC says the electoral college map now has Hillary Clinton with 287 electoral college votes in her column to Donald Trump’s 157.

Project 538 shows data that confirms what many pundits have been saying for some time, that the woman vote will be the one that decides this election. They have created a model on what would happen to the election today if only women in America voted.

The map is very blue as women respond to the political scandals of this week. Even Republican women have expressed concern.


Donald Trump is down 30 electoral college votes from last week. NBC says, last week, Hillary Clinton was at 268 electoral college votes and Donald Trump was at 190. There were 80 electoral college votes from swing states or toss up states last week, today there are 94.

The difference of 14 electoral college votes that were not in the toss-up column last week were previously in Donald Trump’s column. The data suggests the recent scandals that have rocked his campaign for a solid week, are leading people to change their minds.

The toss-up states currently up for grabs as per NBC News are Arizona, Georgia, Florida, Iowa, Maine, Nevada, Nebraska, Ohio, and Utah. Last week, Donald Trump had Utah and Georgia locked in. Today, he doesn’t, according to NBC.

NBC has also moved both North Carolina and New Hampshire into the leaning Democrat column. Project 538 has similar data but shows Ohio and Florida both leaning blue. Project 538 gives Hillary Clinton a 73.8 percent chance of winning Florida, a 64.1 percent chance of winning Ohio, and an 85.8 percent chance of winning the Presidency as of their data today.

Project 538 also still has Georgia leaning red to Donald Trump, giving him 73.9 percent chance of winning Georgia.


NBC says that Hillary Clinton has 45 percent of voters in North Carolina to Donald Trump’s 41 percent. The data is a little tighter in Ohio, where Donald Trump leads with 42 percent to Hillary Clinton’s 41 percent.

If this data does not change, Ohio will not be a key player in this election. Currently, the candidates are in a dead heat in Ohio. But, Hillary Clinton could lose Ohio and it won’t have a huge impact on her numbers. If the data does not change, Hillary Clinton is predicted to have a landslide victory on November 8.

President Obama is expected to speak in Ohio today, reports NBC. The numbers next week will reflect whether or not that has a positive effect on Hillary Clinton’s campaign. President Obama and Michelle Obama have both been on the campaign trail for Hillary Clinton this week.


After the scandals that rocked the Donald Trump campaign this week, First Lady Michelle Obama delivered a speech in New Hampshire that has gone viral.

Michelle Obama’s speech has garnered over 10 million views over many different streams online. Watch the full speech here.

Michelle Obama spoke about how Donald Trump’s incidents can not be dismissed, and to dismiss his actions as “locker room talk” would be an insult to decent men everywhere. She also spoke of how deeply Donald Trump hurt the women of America by brushing off a scandal that has not only rocked the Trump campaign but has also clearly rocked the nation.

Oprah Winfrey said Michelle Obama’s speech “may have been the most important one of our election.The Daily News Bin called the First Lady’s speech the “most influential in modern political history.”

The First Lady’s words are definitely helping Hillary Clinton, while Donald Trump struggles in the polls. Donald Trump has been tweeting today about how the election is rigged and how Hillary Clinton should be in jail.

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