Sam Callahan Sex Tape: ‘X Factor’ Star Speaks Out About The Explicit Video That Hit The Internet, Claims He Was Catfished

Sam Callahan is opening up about his sex tape scandal, with the X Factor star saying that the explicit video hitting the internet is actually a few years old and was the result of a catfishing attempt.

The video has been making the rounds online, the Mirror noted, and shows Callahan naked a performing a solo sex act. It has caused quite a stir, especially in the U.K., and this week the star addressed it for the first time.

Callahan explained that he was just a “teenage lad” when the video was filmed and that he was tricked into sharing it online.

“I was young and foolish back then in 2013 and I was young and foolish in 2014 too, unfortunately I wrongly trusted the person I was speaking to at the time and was completely betrayed and catfished,” he told the Sun. “It’s not something that would happen now. I’m way too focused and driven to put myself in that risky situation, but I guess we live and learn.”

Catfished, which is based on a documentary of the same name, refers to a deception that takes place online when one person claims to be someone they are not in order to fool someone else. It usually has a romantic context.

The sex tape showing Sam Callahan was originally being shopped to be sold, but instead, it leaked to the internet and has been making the rounds on social media. Some clips of the explicit encounter are still circulating on Twitter, though the micro-blogging site has been taking them down as quickly as they pop up.

The sex tape scandal is not the first time that Sam Callahan has been in the news for a bit of racy misbehavior. Back in 2013, he was caught sending naked pictures to a model at the same time he was dating fellow X Factor finalist Tamera Foster, the Mirror noted.

Just as he has done this week, Sam Callahan took responsibility for his texting scandal, issuing a public apology just after the pictures leaked.

“It was such a stupid thing to do,” he said (via the Sun). “I want to apologize to everyone who has been supporting me, especially my friends and family. I never meant to hurt or upset anyone.”

Sam Callahan is not the only celebrity to be facing a sex tape scandal this week. An explicit video showing Eibar footballers Antonio Luna and Sergi Enrich with an unnamed woman also hit the internet, leading to some international controversy.

As the Metro noted, the two quickly offered a joint apology for the scandal the video caused.

“In light of the circulation on social media of a sexually explicit video in which we, the undersigned, appear, we want to state that the video shows a recording of a private act which took place between fully consenting adults, within the scope of the freedoms we all enjoy,” they wrote.

“We deeply regret that an indiscretion for which we are not responsible has led to these images being published without our knowledge or, far less, our consent.”

There could still be more damage from the tape, with the U.K.’s Daily Star reporting that police are planning on interviewing the pair in a potential criminal inquiry. A law recently passed in Spain carries a 12-month jail sentence for those who criminally leak videos that violate the privacy of others.

It’s not clear if Sam Callahan will face any more consequences from his sex tape scandal, but the X Factor star has already moved on and is keeping a positive attitude. On Friday, he posted an inspirational message online, writing, “There are no rules, no bad ideas and no limits in my team. I’m so very .”

[Featured Image by Sam Callahan/Instagram]