‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sonny And Carly Try To Deal With Morgan’s Death—Will It Drive CarSon Apart?

General Hospital spoilers tease that the week of October 17, Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Carly (Laura Wright) will try to deal with Morgan’s (Bryan Craig) death and find themselves grieving alone for the most part. Carly feels guilty and wonders if she had a role in his death. Deep down, she knew that this could happen given the risks Sonny takes with his violent lifestyle. Will Morgan’s death be enough to force Carly to call it quits and walk away from her marriage?

In the General Hospital sneak peek for Monday, October 17, Jason (Billy Miller) tries to convince Carly to go home to grieve with Sonny. Carly admits that she cannot go home because every time she sees Sonny, it is a reminder that she will never see Morgan again. Carly feels safe with Jason and decides that “he’s all she needs” right now. It is apparent that Carly is not handling Morgan’s death well. General Hospital spoilers suggest that she blames Sonny for his death because she feels that he may have lied to her about the events surrounding his death.

Soap Opera Digest reports that Morgan’s death will cause both Sonny and Carly to unravel in a way they weren’t expecting. Before he died, they were in a good place. Carly accepted who Sonny was, and knew that she chose this life, so any violence that came out of it was hers to claim as well. Now, with her son dead, the General Hospital spoilers tease that she feels responsible for his death—and angry that she will never see her child again.

“This is the world Sonny lives in. The bottom line is, the worst possible risk of the business Sonny’s in is that it endangers those he’s closest too, ” General Hospital co-writer, Jean Passanante explains. As for Carly, she is shaken to her core and isn’t sure how to move on from this horrific loss.

“Carly has spent most of Morgan’s childhood trying to protect him from the dangers of his father’s business. What makes it even worse for her is that she feels Sonny lied to her,” General Hospital co-writer, Shely Altman stated. “Sonny knew how Carly felt about the endless cycle of violence and promised her he had no plans to seek revenge against Julian (William deVry). Carly feels betrayed and blames herself for lying to herself about who Sonny is. She’s accepted him for many years, so this consequence of his gangster life should not have come as such a shock.”

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Carly and Sonny will be at odds with each other as they come to terms with what happened to Morgan. They should be leaning on each other, helping each other grieve for Morgan. Instead, they grieve for their son separately. Carly is unraveling and feels that Sonny is responsible for Morgan’s death. General Hospital spoilers tease that Sonny feels guilty and starts to spiral into a deep and dark place.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Carly and Sonny will be at odds for a little while. They have to grieve and come to terms with the fact that they both had a part in his death, even if it was just embracing the violent gangster lifestyle.

“This may the be the challenge of all challenges for Carly and Sonny to get through,” Altman explains. “Sonny and Carly have a deep bond and are committed to each other that has withstood many tragedies and challenges. Their love will be tested after Morgan’s death but will survive.”

It looks like CarSon will survive Morgan’s death, but it may be intense for a while. General Hospital fans, do you think that Carly has a reason to be angry with Sonny?

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC daytime.

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