‘Paranormal Lockdown: The Black Monk House’ Is Must-See Halloween TV For Haunted House Fans

Paranormal Lockdown: The Black Monk House is the perfect Halloween TV special for anyone who plans on avoiding all those creepy clowns roaming the streets by spending the spooking holiday at home. It’s one of the only new Halloween specials airing on October 31, and it will give viewers the opportunity to explore a real haunted house without leaving the comfort of their couches.

Paranormal Lockdown: The Black Monk House is a super-sized episode of Destination America’s Paranormal Lockdown, a one-of-kind reality series that stars two of the most respected paranormal investigators in the business, Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman. Nick and Katrina show a true dedication to their craft by spending a whopping 72 hours in the haunted locations that they visit, and they use a variety of tools to collect evidence of residual hauntings, demonic entities, and restless spirits. However, they spent even more time exploring the Black Monk House, a residence in Pontefract, Yorkshire that’s known for housing England’s most violent poltergeist. For the two-hour Paranormal Lockdown Halloween special, Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman had 100 hours to see if they could get the infamous Black Monk of Pontefract to communicate with them.

Destination America recently provided evidence proving that the Black Monk House is a hotbed of paranormal activity. On its website, the network shared a video of unseen forces pushing a baby stroller down the stairs. The footage was taken by ghost hunters with Pitch Black Investigations, and they were so spooked that they called off the rest of their one-night investigation.

If something like that can happen in the space of a few hours, just imagine what the Paranormal Lockdown team captured on camera after spending more than four days in the Black Monk House. According to Week in Weird, Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman’s paranormal investigation is the longest in TV history.

As Bleeding Cool reports, Nick and Katrina were at New York Comic-Con to talk about their experience shooting Paranormal Lockdown: The Black Monk House. They both said that they felt ill upon entering the haunted residence, and they also experienced mental fog and fatigue. The ghost hunting team shared some spooky footage of a steak knife appearing on the stairs, which they said was a clear warning sign.

According to the Sun, the first reported hauntings of the Black Monk House occurred in the mid-1960’s when the Pritchard family occupied the home. They reported multiple sightings of a frightening figure in a black hooded cloak, which is how the entity got its name — the Pritchards thought the ghost’s garb resembled a monk’s robe. Over the years, the family experienced sporadic paranormal activity that included items levitating, furniture being moved, and photos being slashed. The Pritchard children were even physically assaulted by unseen forces. Because of the disturbing, violent nature of the paranormal activity happening in their home, the Pritchards believed that the Black Monk of Pontefract was a demonic entity.

Paranormal investigator Tom Cuniff discovered that Pontefract’s town gallows used to be located across the street from the Black Monk House, and he believed that the Pritchards were being haunted by the ghost of a Clunaic monk who was hanged for murdering and raping a young girl. Cuniff believed that the ghost’s history had something to do with why it focused so much attention on the Pritchards’ daughter Diane, who was once left with visible finger marks on her throat after an encounter with the Black Monk.

According the Paranormal Lockdown crew, the ghost’s nasty reputation actually made them nervous about spending 100 hours cooped up with it.

“There are few locations in the world that frighten me to investigate, and the Black Monk House has a strong energy pull like nothing else I’ve ever researched,” Nick Groff said of why he chose the location for the Paranormal Lockdown Halloween special.

“The history of the land holds a massive amount of bloodshed, and the house has a heart still pumping the negative forces continuing to harm the living.”

Some visitors to the Black Monk House claim that they have obtained photographic evidence that the Black Monk poltergeist is real. Ghost hunter Claire Cowell recently shared a snapshot taken in the home that appears to show a ghostly arm holding a string of rosary beads, and earlier this year the Ghostnspectors Paranormal Group shared a photo of an otherworldly face staring back at them from a mirror.

You can check out Paranormal Lockdown: The Black Monk House when it airs October 31 at 9 p.m. ET on Destination America.

[Featured Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]