California Woman Steals Goat From Petting Zoo, Then Returns The Animal With Pink Nails

Tara Dodrill

San Diego, CA - A California woman and an accomplice were captured on tape stealing a 6-month old goat from a petting zoo in the middle of the night. The baby goat named Billy was later returned with his nails painted with pink polish. The woman being referred to as the pedicure bandit stole Billy from his enclosure at the Pacific Beach PB Pumpkin Patch.

The surveillance video shows a woman wearing a ponytail scaling the petting zoo goat enclosure fence to snag Billy and then whisking him away into the night. The pedicure bandit and her animal burglar accomplice eventually brought the stolen goat back in seemingly perfect health,but adorned with pink nails, the New York Daily News reports.

PB Pumpkin Patch owner Darryl Dadon had this to say about the goat kidnapping incident during an interview with ABC 10 News:

“We’re OK that we have out goat back. We’re not OK that they jumped the fence and stole our goat. He jumps on your lap and kisses you. He’s really sweet. He’s almost like a dog. We’ve tried to remove the polish, but it’s not coming off.”