Let's Just Call This 'Blame Russia' Schtick What It Is: Xenophobia

Trump's got Mexicans and Muslims, Hillary's got Russians. The only difference is that Trump's not trying to start a war with Mexico or Saudi Arabia.

As we've previously discussed, America is in an abusive relationship with the Democratic party. One of the textbook methods an abuser will often utilize on their victim is to hide their abuse under accusations of doing the very thing that the abuser is doing. An adept manipulator can gaslight his wife into believing that she'd actually attacked him, and that he'd only kicked her down the stairs in self defense. We need to be very clear that, while Trump and his supporters aren't innocent victims by any means, the greatest driving tactic behind Hillary Clinton's campaign has been to point loudly at Trump's blatant xenophobia and demagoguery in order to mask their own abuse and personal embarrassments by doing the exact same thing.

Demagoguery is the practice of unifying your political following by rallying them against a common enemy outsider. Trump has had a lot of success doing this by telling everyone the Muslims need to be banned from America and Mexico's sending us their drug dealers and rapists, while Clinton's reviving the old "red under the bed" tactic of blaming everything on Russian operatives and accusing their political opposition of working for "them." Both approaches get your people standing behind you for protection and shaking their fists at the common enemy, but Clinton's tactic also has the added bonus of blaming the enemy for her own party's crimes and corruption, blaming the Russians for the DNC leaks, for example.

We need to start really calling this out because they're so much more subtle about it than Donald and his basket of deplorables are. The Democrats and their media pawns sow the seeds of war like a sexual predator slyly slips rohypnol into a woman's drink. We need to be the guy at the bar pointing and yelling, "Hey! I saw what you just did! What did you put in that lady's drink?"

Seriously, can everyone reading this please help spread the word about Hillary Clinton's push for a war with Russia? It isn't hard to do; the facts are all out in the open, they just get downplayed and slipped under the radar by the talking heads on television. Whenever you see some pundit talking about Putin, loudly point out that we're seeing the exact same war rumblings from corporate media about him that we were seeing about Saddam Hussein prior to the Iraq invasion. Whenever you see anyone tweeting or facebooking about a no-fly zone in Syria, make a big scene about how that means shooting down the Russian airmen whose planes are conducting operations in that area.

The public is slowly being teased into believing that the Russians are the enemy, and that the American government is their poor, innocent victim that may need to start standing up for itself any minute now. Never mind the fact that World War Three would make a perfect distraction from the unprecedented progressive awakening we're seeing at home, taking the spotlight off the oligarchs who have never before been so closely and aggressively scrutinized. Never mind the fact that Russia appears to be collaborating with China to establish a new monetary system and move away from the use of the U.S. dollar as a major reserve currency. The big scary foreigners with the strange alphabet and potato-based intoxicants are being mean to our poor widdle politicians.

So please, help bang the drums, make a lot of noise, wake everyone up to what's happening, call the warmongering and red-baiting out whenever you see it, and unapologetically call the xenophobic demagoguery what it is. The American people don't want a war with Russia, especially not for some weird plutocratic agenda they don't even understand. They have a hard enough time with us picking on tiny third-world countries with no air force, let alone a nuclear superpower that could vaporize their children if the war doesn't go as planned. Never before have Americans had to deal with war in that context; there are hardly even any people left who remember fearing the Nazis landing on the eastern shore as kids.

The penny will drop soon that a war with Russia will be a war on home soil. Self-interest will shake awake those that empathy failed to, but by then it will be too late, and war will be on our door step. We need to shake them awake now. We can't let them take one more step down this path with our manufactured consent.

We need to speak as one to stop Hillary trying to bury her embarrassment by using xenophobia to distract us from her sins. She can just take responsibility for once. She was wrong, and she did the wrong thing. Not that hard to say sorry, Hillary! No need to start a nuclear war over it.

Point out the reality of what the government is doing and what it could mean for the American people, and they'll listen. We just need to shine a bright enough spotlight on it because Hillary's media sure won't.

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