Kim Kardashian Paris Robbery: Readying 'KUWTK' Tell-All Interview To Please Kris Jenner?

Kim Kardashian hiding from the limelight is seeing her lose more than $1 million a month, it has been alleged, with reports claiming she's torn between coming out of hiding or staying low until she gains the confidence to embrace the world again.

As previously reported by TMZ, Kim was held at gunpoint after returning to her apartment in France, where she had been enjoying her stay amidst fashion week. Her bodyguard, Pascal Duvier, was protecting Kendall Jenner and sister Kourtney at the time of the incident, leaving Kim all by herself in the rather large penthouse.

And though it's been well over a week since Kardashian was robbed of her $10 million worth of personal belongings, people in Kim's camp did suggest coming out of hiding and telling the world about the incident, hoping that giving an interview can somewhat help fans track down those responsible for the intentional crime.

However, Hollywood Life reveals that the TV star is strongly siding with the idea of minding her own business and staying low for the time being — at least until she has figured out how to move forward from this horrible incident.

"The thought of giving a televised interview about her ordeal in Paris has not even crossed Kim [Kardashian]'s mind," the outlet reveals, making it known that Kim won't be in hiding forever — she'll eventually step out of her home, but she's not ready for a full-on discussion about the incident just yet.

Part of that is because of Kanye West's strong beliefs that Kim Kardashian is safer remaining in their Bel-Air mansion for now. Sources say the 35-year-old was shaking after the incident and has struggled to sleep at night because of what had transpired last Sunday.

When people in her camp allegedly raised the idea of giving an interview, "the subject was brought up and immediately put to rest by Kanye [West] who firmly said there would be absolutely no interviews in the near future," an insider continued.
"He doesn't want Kim reliving the horrors of what she went through and that is exactly what she would have to do in a sit-down interview. She is far too frail to be grilled by anyone about what happened. At least, for now, she is."
Filming for the family's reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians has been placed on hold until Kim gives the production crew her approval that she and her family are ready to continue filming for the E! network.

Kim is fully aware that her absence from the limelight is hurting her brand, but her safety and health are her main priorities — along with the two children, Saint and North, whom she is caring for at her Bel-Air home.

Some fans were under the impression that Kris Jenner could potentially be furious about Kim's decision to take time off from showbiz and halting KUWTK because it's evidently affecting every family member's business, including the momager herself.

Of course, it should be noted that those are only speculations. Kris Jenner hasn't directly addressed the matter regarding Kim Kardashian's robbery in person just yet, but she is bound to say something in due time, while sister Khloe told Ellen Degeneres earlier this week that her sibling "isn't doing too good."
"Like her sister Khloe [Kardashian] said on Ellen, she is not doing well and is very slowly recovering from her robbery."
As of right now, nobody knows when Kim Kardashian plans to make her Hollywood comeback just yet, but it's bound to be before the year's end.

[Featured Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]