WWE News: Planned WWE Return For Trish Stratus Canceled Due To Pregnancy

At WWE Unforgiven 2006, Trish Stratus had her final match as an active wrestler in WWE. After defeating fellow WWE Hall of Famer and longtime rival Lita in the bout, Trish captured the WWE Women’s Title for the seventh time. Since her official retirement from the WWE ring, she has made some cameo appearances and wrestled in a few tag team matches over the last decade of WWE programming.

Her last matches took place at Wrestlemania 27. Stratus teamed with WWE Superstar John Morrison and celebrity Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi against the team of Dolph Ziggler and LayCool. The next night on Raw, she teamed with Morrison to wrestle Vickie Guerrero and Ziggler. Both matches were victories by Trish, and she hasn’t wrestled since. Her last appearance in WWE was during the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony the night before Wrestlemania 30 where she inducted Lita.

Trish Stratus is one of the most important women ever to wrestle in WWE and is considered the greatest “Diva” in WWE history. The WWE Universe hasn’t forgotten her, nor have they stopped wondering if Trish could have another match in WWE someday, especially another singles match. In the past, she has been open to the idea of having one more match in WWE, but it would need to be a big challenge for her.


It’s been reported that Trish Stratus is a big believer in Sasha Banks. There has been some speculation that we could see The Boss of WWE vs. The Quintessential WWE Diva someday, but nothing has been confirmed over the past year. However, there is a report going around that Trish was planning a return to WWE with the powers that be, but it’s unfortunately been canceled for a very specific reason.

This week, Mickie James was announced to be returning to WWE. In a genuine surprise that few saw coming, James will challenge the current NXT Women’s Champion Asuka for her title at NXT Takeover: Toronto in November. Asuka vs. Mickie James is expected to be a great match between two veterans of the industry, but the latter wasn’t the original opponent for Asuka. Trish Stratus was to be her opponent.

Apparently, WWE officials were trying to get Trish Stratus to return to WWE programming and have her first match in NXT in her hometown of Toronto, which was the biggest reason for wanting Trish to return at that particular show. Asuka vs. Stratus would have been an even bigger match, and the latter wrestling in NXT would have been surreal. However, Mickie James was chosen over Trish for one specific reason.


Only a few days ago, Trish Stratus announced via Twitter that she’s pregnant with her second child. It goes without saying that her pregnancy has canceled any immediate plans for a WWE return, but it definitely has put an end to the possibility of wrestling Asuka at NXT Takeover: Toronto.

Originally, Trish would have had the match in Toronto with Asuka, which she most likely would have lost. It would have gotten her back into the game, and WWE was planning for a couple other dates on the road to Wrestlemania for her. It’s very likely we would have seen Trish Stratus, one of the best of WWE’s women’s division.

Trish would have had her pick, but the most likely three would have been a match with Sasha Banks, Nikki Bella, or Charlotte at WWE Royal Rumble or even at Wrestlemania 33 in Orlando. Despite the possibilities, they’re all kaput now for the foreseeable future, but that doesn’t mean they could happen at another time.

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