‘Teen Wolf’s’ Dylan O’Brien Returned To Work, But Are Injuries From The ‘Maze Runner’ Accident Still A Risk To His Health?

Teen Wolf’s Dylan O’Brien suffered a concussion and blunt force facial trauma that required full facial reconstruction, according to his physical fitness trainer Roger Juan. Juan reveals in the video below that Dylan’s injuries from the Maze Runner accident were not only extensive, but Dylan has still not fully recovered.

“For me personally I wanted to do it. He’s a really good kid and the challenges he has to go through in terms of the whole facial reconstruction. Getting in shape and having the limitations because it’s still very raw in terms of physically. There’s still things he’s recovering from.”

Dylan O’Brien’s Maze Runner accident was quite serious and even now he is at risk of complications. Roger Juan paints a disconcerting picture of what Dylan has been through, and we hear in his voice that Dylan’s injuries are still an issue, even seven months later.

The Teen Wolf heartthrob has not spoken publicly about his accident, and no public comment usually means impending litigation. Reports from the Huffington Post regarding Canadian government agency WorkSafeBC seems to indicate O’Brien would have a case.

“British Columbia’s work-safety agency says a film production company ‘failed’ to ensure the safety of workers on the set of Maze Runner: The Death Cure when actor Dylan O’Brien was injured in March.”

Teen Wolf star Dylan O’Brien’s life, quality of life, and long-term health, not to mention his handsome appearance were put at substantial risk, as blunt force trauma to the face carries a great number of risk factors. Beneath the skin of the human face are nerves, blood vessels and fine muscles in greater concentration than most areas of the body. There are also structures directly related to all five senses.

Dylan O'Brien of Teen Wolf, Maze Runner, and American Assassin
Dylan O'Brien of Teen Wolf, Maze Runner, and American Assassin ]Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]

Dylan O’Brien appears to be back to his old Teen Wolf self finally, following seven months of recovery after the Maze Runner accident, but is he feeling well? He looks great, and the same as ever, but Roger Juan indicated that O’Brien was still weakened, “raw,” and required constant monitoring. Dylan is still struggling and unsure of what his future holds.

Dylan O’Brien’s Maze Runner accident and the subsequent necessary surgeries put him at risk for hematoma, or blood clot. Males have an up to 12.9 percent risk of hematoma even after a routine facelift, compared to women at a 0.2 percent risk according to Robert Kotler MD. This is mostly due to biological differences regarding natural blood pressure regulation between genders.

“Normally, rates of hematoma after a face lift vary from 0.2 to eight percent. Male face lift patients can see 12.9 percent, according to the study.”

Teen Wolf star Dylan O’Brien’s situation was far from routine, however. Facial reconstruction following blunt force trauma to the face naturally carries a much higher risk. If this had been routine cosmetic surgery Dylan would no longer be at risk, but obviously, this injury and necessary repairs were far more extensive than any facelift, and also far worse than reported at the time.

Dylan O'Brien by Jason Merritt
Dylan O'Brien star of Teen Wolf, Maze Runner and American Assassin, [Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]

Dylan O’Brien’s Maze Runner accident was life threatening, and he is still at risk for serious complications according to Roger Juan. Dylan must monitor his blood pressure and heart rate carefully to work out safely with Juan.

The Maze Runner accident left Dylan O’Brien unable to work for about seven months, and that is quite understandable if his orbital bone and other facial bones were fractured, as has been reported. The Resident Manual Of Trauma To The Face Head And Neck lists a host of lingering symptoms, including chronic sinusitis, visual disturbances, imbalance, and complications involving eye muscles, or even the optic nerve.

It is hoped that Teen Wolf star Dylan O’Brien, in time, will make a full recovery, but for now, he is at risk and must be careful to take every aspect of his life at a rate his body can handle. That can be tough for a young man in his 20s. It is even more difficult for a young man who makes his living starring in action movies.

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Is completing Maze Runner: Death Cure worth the risk? The studio has placed yet another date for Maze Runner to resume filming. They keep announcing dates and then pushing the dates back.

While Dylan O’Brien has returned to the set of Teen Wolf and is currently making the film American Assassin, hopefully, those projects will not require Dylan to crawl around on the hood of a moving car while strapped to another vehicle. Hopefully, there will be no more scenes like that shot for Maze Runner either.

Dylan O’Brien’s Maze Runner: Death Cure injuries remain a serious concern, even as he works on the set of Teen Wolf and American Assassin.

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