Jon Voight Continues To Rip Robert De Niro In New Video: Watch

Fresh off his Twitter rant against Robert De Niro last weekend, Jon Voight has cut a three-minute pro-Donald Trump video called a “plea to save America” a few weeks out from what the actor called the most important election in American history.

Voight, 77, Angelina Jolie’s father, won an Oscar for his role as a paraplegic Vietnam veteran in Coming Home (1978) and currently stars as Liev Schreiber’s dad in the popular Showtime series Ray Donovan.

Fellow acting icon Robert De Niro recently appeared in a video in which he described the Republican presidential nominee as blatantly stupid, a punk, and a pig among other terms of endearment along with expressing a desire to punch Trump in the face.

Irrespective of politics, De Niro has been showing up in a series of lousy movies one after another, so perhaps that’s why he’s in such a bad mood.

In response, Voight fired back at De Niro, as alluded to above, with a tweetstorm, suggesting that the Raging Bull star’s denunciations would never pass muster against a Democrat, although Trump was a former Democrat and independent. “Donald Trump’s words were not as damaging as Robert De Niro’s ugly rant. Trump’s words did not hurt anyone,” Voight claimed, raising the implication of hypocrisy.


In a continuation of their political rivalry, De Niro described Voight as “a nice guy, but he’s delusional.”

Following up the previous tweets, the Midnight Cowboy star made the video that included some thoughts about De Niro as well as left-wing financier George Soros who bankrolls various progressive movements and organizations.

“How many Americans are aware of George Soros? An evil man, who turned hundreds of Jewish people over the Nazis to be exterminated during World War II…Soros is a billionaire, who made most of his money manipulating currencies and almost bankrupting many countries. He supports hate groups, who are responsible for taking down our cities. And he is a close friend of Hillary Clinton, and a major supporter of her campaign.”

Voight, a former liberal, asserted that by virtue of their wealth, entertainment celebrities like De Niro will be insulated from Hillary Clinton’s policies such as an open-door policy to thousands more unvetted Syrian refugees.

“Robert De Niro is a millionaire, as are so many of our Hollywood stars who are voting for Hillary, and who have absolutely no tolerance for anyone with a different opinion, forgetting that that is what our country is founded on: freedom of choice. But they will not be affected by Hillary’s open borders. Only our poor and middle class will suffer.”


Parenthetically, included among the WikiLeaks document dump is an apparent acknowledgement by Hillary Clinton that Turkey and Jordan “can’t possibly vet all those refugees so they don’t know if, you know, jihadists are coming in along with legitimate refugees,” the BBC reported.

Jon Voight’s video focused mostly on Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton herself.

“With Hillary as president, we will lose our Second Amendment right to bear arms. Freedom of religion will be attacked, and Hillary will try to stop all conservative voices on TV and radio. Our highest court will become socialist, and she will restrict what America was founded on, our freedom to become a small business owner and pursue our own personal dreams…She has blood on her hands from the Benghazi terrorist raid…”

In March 2015, Jon Voight cut a video endorsing the reelection bid of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as did Walker Texas Ranger star and seemingly ageless martial artist/internet meme machine Chuck Norris. “President Obama does not love Israel. His whole agenda is to control Israel. In this way, he can be friends with all of Israel’s enemies,” Voight declared in the video. Although supposedly behind in the polls, Netanyahu and his Likud coalition won the reelection.

“May God protect the real truth, and may Donald Trump win this presidency. He will save America, and make it great again,” Jon Voight’s video concluded.

Watch the presentation below, which is currently gaining traction on social media, and draw your own conclusions.

[Featured Image by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP Images]