‘Sociopath’ Ashton Sachs Gets Multiple Life Sentences After Pleading Guilty To Murdering Parents At 19: Left 8-year-old Brother Paralyzed

In 2014, Ashton Sachs was only 19-years-old when police say he murdered both his parents as they slept, and then he tried to kill his two younger siblings, leaving his 8-year-old brother paralyzed. Today, the man officials have called a sociopath, was sentenced to multiple life in prison sentences without the possibility of parole.

The former California honors student will spend the rest of his life behind bars after receiving two life sentences without the possibility of parole for the murder of his parents, as well as an additional 50-year sentence for the use of a firearm in committing the crime. Ashton Sachs is now 22 and had pleaded guilty in the case of him murdering his mother and father, Andra, 54, and Brad Sachs, 57, as well as attempted murder of his siblings. In addition to paralyzing his younger brother, Landon, Q13 Fox wrote that he was accused of also firing at his 17-year-old sister, Alexis, and narrowly missed lodging a bullet in her head as she hid under the bed sheets. They did not see who the killer was.


On Feb. 9, 2014, the couple was shot and killed in the bedroom of their $2.5 million home, located in the glamorous Orange County beach community of San Juan Capistrano. During his rampage, Ashton had been armed with an automatic rifle which he used to shoot his mother 10 times, while his father received 12 shots, including one directly to the face.

During the sentencing on Friday, Orange County Senior Deputy District Attorney Mike Murray spoke to the Orange County, California, judge presiding over Sachs’ case about the state of mind of the accused murderer.

“The defendant is a sociopath. He has no remorse or empathy. All he cares about is himself.”

Ashton Sachs had won the right to represent himself after firing his lawyer, and last month, he abruptly changed his plea to guilty. The reason behind the startling change of mind is one that has not yet been identified. His decision also saw him admitting to special circumstance allegations of multiple murders, allegations of the personal use of a firearm causing death, as well as personal use of a gun causing bodily injury and causing paralysis. People reported that the guilty plea is actually the reason why the prosecutors did not to seek the death penalty in the case and instead settled for life in prison, without the possibility of parole.

Ashton told the police that he had been planning to kill his parents and then himself for about four or five days before he actually carried out the murders. He had been living in a condo that his mother, a real estate mogul, had bought for him near his college in Seattle. On February 8, he made a 20-hour drive to a commercial building his mother owned where he waited in his white Toyota Prius for about two hours before he drove to his parents’ mansion, all the while armed with a semiautomatic rifle and a shoe box full of ammunition.

He says that after walking through the unlocked front door he spent about 15 minutes pacing around the upstairs as he thought “about what to do, whether to go through with it, go home [or] kill himself right there.”

Ashton Sachs smiles during court after being called a "sociopath" and receiving multiple life sentences for murder and attempted murder of his family members. [Image via AP]

After he murdered his parents and attempted to murder his siblings, Ashton took a taxi to John Wayne Airport in nearby Santa Ana, California, and by the next morning he was back in Seattle. He gave a very tearful eulogy at his parent’s funeral and even joined with his other brother, Myles, to get custody of Landon, whose bed Ashton also sat vigil at while he was in the hospital recovering from the gunshot that was supposed to kill him but left the 8-year-old paralyzed instead.

The police investigation soon pointed to Ashton Sachs as the killer though, and a rifle was recovered in his Prius and phone records placed him in the neighborhood during the shooting. When asked why he did it, the man said “I don’t have a reason why. Just a lot of problems.”

After Ashton was arrested, police discovered that his cellphone search history had a number of Wikipedia articles about the varying degrees of murder, attempted and felony murder, and using an insanity defense. Murray is positive Sachs is a sociopath and presented arguments that the defendant’s cushy lifestyle, which involved avoiding classes to smoke weed and play Xbox all day, was about to come to an end because of his parents were going to cut him off, and Sachs more than likely had no intention to commit suicide.

“The murder weapon was a rifle. No one would kill themselves with a rifle when they could get a handgun.”

Sachs was quiet during his sentencing, having no words for the court, but lots of smiles for his court-appointed private investigator moments before deputies took him into custody to start serving his life sentences.

[Featured Image by AP]