Dr. Jill Has The Medicine The Whole World Needs

ABC News is reporting that Russia is asking its citizens to prepare for nuclear attack.

While Hillary Clinton is desperately trying to cover for her extraordinary corruption revealed in these emails by frantically pointing at Russia, while also threatening a no-fly zone trigger for war with Russia in Syria, millions of Russian children are crying in their mother’s arms each night, trying to get to sleep under the threat of American bombs.


And American moms are fine with that. That’s normal, that’s politics, say Hillary supporters. Those damn Russians shouldn’t have hacked their emails. Scaling up the nuclear threat is a perfectly normal response to having your personal corruption exposed.

We’ve hit Cognitive Dissonance Level Extreme. CDLE. It’s a thing. I just made it up. We’re all running around making up excuses to defend this insane military response to Hillary’s personal embarrassment. Liberals used to be the peacemakers, remember that? Now it’s the Republicans who are the diplomats. Donald Trump, no less, is advocating for working with the Russians in Syria. This is so weird. How did we get here, when the Republican is making the Democrat look like the hawk?

Upside down world. It’s Opposite day, every day. What happened to liberals? Where did they go?

I think Jill Stein has the answer to that. She has the answer to everything, actually.

It’s called the “Green New Deal” and it’s her keystone policy upon which everything else makes sense.

And it’s damn fine medicine too. In her capacity as a doctor, Stein healed many people of many different ailments, and now she’s fixing to work her magic on the American political system, the heart of the disease, and thus fix the planet.


What is the Green New Deal, anyway? Well I’m glad you asked, because no one seems that curious about finding an answer to our problems; they just want to find the right person to blame.

It’s based on Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “New Deal” that pulled America out of the post-war doldrums and delivered the golden years of the ’50s and ’60s to working and middle-class Americans. Roosevelt was a president so popular they had to install term limits.

Basically, it works by increasing money velocity. You stimulate the economy by investing in everyday regular Americans, and then they start spending that money, and the economy thrives.

By spending tax dollars to give services and welfare to the poor, investing in infrastructure which creates a back-to-work program for the poor, working class, and middle class, you’re putting more money in their pockets which they then immediately spend in local businesses etc., bringing real money into circulation and creating wealth for ordinary people.


It’s the opposite of trickle-down. Trickle-down tried to tell us that if we gave money to rich people, they’d spend it on us. Decades of Reaganomics have proven that they did not; they just hoarded it in off-shore accounts, never to be seen again. Twenty-one trillion U.S. dollars sit in off-shore accounts doing absolutely nothing for anyone. Just sitting there, growing zeroes for someone who already had enough money to last them a thousand lifetimes.

There’s only so much caviar you can eat. Give money to poor people, and they spend it right away and stimulate the economy. Give it to rich people and they hoard it. It’s common sense.

Real economic indicators show us that we’ve been in a recession for 15 years. That’s not something you hear often on CNBC’s Fast Money, as evidenced by the look on these journalists faces when the original Gordon Gekko himself, Asher Edelman, tells them so. There’s been no such recession for the one percent. They haven’t felt the pinch of the last 15 years at all.


But the harsh reality for almost all Americans is that there has been a stagnation in wages grating against a rise in inflation, which means we’re all earning about the same as we did 15 years ago, but things cost more.

Everyone is feeling it. The Trump people are feeling it. That’s why they’re so angry. It’s important to remember that the Trump people are the folks Bernie most wanted to help. Mock them if you will, but they are right on one point — things need to change radically.

What Dr. Jill proposes is that we solve the recession by stimulating the economy with new jobs in the green energy sector.

Which is an amazing idea. In one fell swoop, we solve the energy crisis, the jobs crisis, the climate change problem, and put out of business the impending world war for oil, a substance we need to stop using anyway.

We put people to work, put money into the economy, stop funding wars over oil we won’t need, and we turn climate change around 180 degrees.

Too good to be true? Well, the detail is all there. There’s gobs of money to work with if you crunch the data. Half of our discretionary spending goes to the military on wars that make us less safe for a substance we need to stop using. That’s half your tax dollars.

Stein proposes shutting down nearly all of our military bases around the world. Did you know we have more than 800 military bases outside America’s borders? We’ve got 10,000 people positioned in England.

England. The mother country. Ten thousand military personnel. To prevent what? Tea theft?


She wants to bring them back here and put them to work on the Green New Deal, back with their families, working to create a safe energy network that doesn’t rely on sucking up to the head-chopping monsters of Saudi Arabia or funding wars in Syria that put us on the brink of nuclear war with Russia. It’s crazy how we do things. Sheer madness.

Bring everyone back and let’s get our energy grid on a stable footing with huge investments in solar, wind, and new green technologies that will put money back in our pockets and give us that sense of purpose and leadership that we’ve been craving.

Remember when America led the world in innovation and democracy and all things shiny and good? That was the 1950s, when capitalism worked hand-in-hand with socialism to create a fair and equitable society that rewarded innovation, but looked after our most vulnerable as well.

It’ll be the ’50s all over again, but without the lynchings and the Cold War. We can do this America. We can turn this whole earthship around and bring peace and stability to our people and to the world at large.

And all you have to do is vote for Dr Jill. She’s got the medicine we need.

[Featured Image by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]