Halloween Horror Movie Binge: Eight Of The Best Short YouTube Horror Flicks You Can Watch In Under 30 Minutes

‘Tis the season for a Halloween horror movie binge. The problem? There are a lot of horror movie choices out there, and not everybody has two hours a pop to devote to getting their thrills and chills. The solution? The vastly underrated world of horror movie short films, a category that YouTube more than fills. And for free, too.

As Buzzfeed reports, YouTube is an excellent place to meet all of your Halloween horror movie binge-watching needs, and in under an hour you can have your spine tingled over and over again. Check out some of the best short horror movies YouTube has to offer, just in time for Halloween.

Halloween Horror Movie Binge


Vicious is a short horror movie that won numerous international awards and was nominated for nearly as many more. According to the film’s writer, a full-length version of the horror movie is in the works, and at just over 12-minutes long, its the prefect length to settle in with, along with a cup of hot chocolate, on a cool October evening.

They synopsis? Vicious is the tale of what one woman finds hiding in her dark home after she finds her front door mysteriously ajar. Check it out this Halloween season.

Lights Out

Lights Out is a YouTube short horror movie that’s already made its way to a full-length feature film, just in time for Halloween. This short version, which was the basis of this summer’s blockbuster horror movie of the same name, comes in at under three minutes of seriously disturbing terror.

So what’s it about? Lights Out is a supernatural scare-fest of a Halloween horror movie and a perfect addition to any scary binge. It begs the question “What’s really lurking in the shadows when the lights go out?”

Attic Panic

Anyone who’s heard something unexplained go bump in the attic on a dark night, already gets the gist of Attic Panic.

This roughly three-minute long short horror film, a great addition to any Halloween binge, poses a serious question to both its traumatized star and every single one of its viewers: “Do you really want to know what’s under the sheet?”


Pictured is just under two-and-a-half minutes of anxiety-attack waiting to happen. Shot by the same apartment-dwelling folks that created Attic Panic (featured above), and featuring the same harassed female star, its a short horror movie that will likely have viewers advising the woman on the screen to “just stop already.”

With no dialogue and no violence, Pictured delivers an effective climax that builds from the first second. What do you do when the girl in the picture won’t stand still?

Halloween Horror Movie Binge 2
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What kind of horror film can you make in a single night and on a budget of only £10? Apparently, Charlie is the answer. At nearly 17 minutes of Halloween binge horror movie watching delight, Charlie is worth an half hour of your time. On top of that, unlike many of the other short horror flicks, this one features a bit of conversation.

Charlie is a sinister stalker, perhaps even a demon, that shows up after a nefarious-sounding chain letter warning is ignored by the unwitting Dan. Charlie also won the Fame by Sound “Best Horror” award, and it’s a definite must for any Halloween horror binge.


Everyone loves a good Ouija board scare, especially this close to Halloween. Seemingly, for every tale of a Ouija board being nothing more than a piece of cardboard on the game shelf, there are one or two more stories of terror and inexplicable, horrific happenings associated with the so-called channeling game.

In this perfect-for-binge-watching Halloween horror movie, the Ouija board (or maybe its resident spirit) turns the tables and starts asking the questions. Ouiji runs for just under five minutes.


VICTIM is a truly Halloween-worthy short horror movie, complete with modern urban legend horror icon: Slenderman. This short YouTube horror movie is an award-winning student horror film, and it’s truly creepy.

VICTIM is the story of a boy who is stalked, literally for days, by the nefarious Slenderman. But why? Devote 15 minutes to this YouTube flick to find out.

The Cop Cam

What happens when a police officer captures their response to a disturbance at a seemingly abandoned home on their body cameras? Nothing good, as this short Halloween binge watching gem reveals in just over two minutes of suspense-filled horror.

Cop Cam is a truly disturbing Halloween horror movie, reminiscent of Quarantine.

halloween horror movie
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It’s the time of year for people to truly get their scares on. In just a few weeks, it will be all about pilgrims and turkeys and Christmas trees. If you are looking for a Halloween horror movie binge watching list, these short films available on YouTube are just the tip of the iceberg.

What did you think of the list? Which short horror film was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below if you have more titles to add to the list of the best Halloween horror movies to binge watch.

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