And Now There’s A Super Cloud: Amazon and VMware Join Forces

It’s not uncommon for two separate superpowers to team up as a strategic move. I remember watching Goku and Vegeta become Vegito to beat Super Buu. Despite their reluctance to try the fusion method using the Potara Earrings, they needed to get over their own egos in order to save the world from the destructive and erratic behavior of Buu.

The same can be said of Apple and Samsung, and back in 2015, the two giants ditched their lawsuits in order to come together to create exceptional Apple smartphones with exceptional Samsung chips. Unfortunately, this partnership didn’t last very long, and the two are back in court battling it out once again.

There are countless other revered partners, but the latest in the tag team hall of fame are Amazon Web Services (AWS) and VMware. AWS is a subsidiary of Amazon, specializing in cloud software and computing. VMware is a subsidiary of Dell that provides cloud and virtualization software and services. It’s evident that these two were either meant to be rivals or partners.

VMware was founded nearly two decades ago and claims to be the first company to successfully virtualize the x86 architecture. This architecture is implemented in CPU units, but when discussed, is normally found in the processor. AWS was founded a little more than a decade ago, and offers a suite of cloud computing services. The two come together in something called VMware Cloud on AWS, “a new solution that makes it easy for customers to run VMware workloads on the AWS Cloud.”

Announced via a blog post on Friday, October 13, the two cloud-computing dynasties, AWS and VMware, are looking to “help these organizations take advantage of the benefits that AWS has to offer while building on their existing investment in virtualization.” So those people who are already using VMware will be able to easily transition to Amazon’s cloud services by way of this partnership. This new VMware Cloud on AWS is software sold and supported by VMware that uses the power of Amazon’s public cloud while aiming to help enterprises, businesses, and individuals increase operational efficiency. In a video on CNBC, AWS CEO Andy Jassy said,

“The announcement that we made together is really a real win for customers. With the announcement, customers don’t have to make that binary decision anymore, and they get to use that VMWare software they’re used to using on AWS — and do so without having to buy any additional hardware, which most companies these days aren’t looking to buy more hardware.”

According to Wired, “Starting next year, VMware’s virtualization software will run on Amazon’s cloud, letting VMware customers [manage] virtual machines in Amazon’s cloud with the same set of tools they use to manage VMs on their own servers. VMware will sell the new service, but it will dovetail with all sorts of existing Amazon cloud tools, like database and storage services.” Meaning that those customers who are used to VM’s way of managing cloud servers will not be confused when the merger happens, since VM will be the main operating force. If understood correctly, it seems VM will be at the forefront, while AWS will sit in the background, helping bolster VM’s cloud computing with tools and operational efficiency.

Jassy said that the combined product from Amazon and VMware should allow businesses to get much more done, much more cost effectively and quickly. And so, with Google, Microsoft, and Apple offering their own cloud options—and this new partnership between the two cloud-computing giants—it seems the cloud has won.

You can watch the CEO of AWS, Andy Jassy, and the CEO of VMware, Pat Gelsinger, talk to CNBC below.

[Featured Image by Ross D. Franklin/AP Images]