‘Teen Mom’ Stars Tyler Baltierra And Catelynn Lowell Divorce Shocker! He Is Ready To ‘Check Out’ Of Marriage

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra are on the verge of a major breakup. In a sneak peek for Teen Mom OG, things get emotional after Lowell misses one of their therapy sessions. Is Baltierra ready to bail on the marriage?

According to Radar Online, Lowell missed the appointment because she didn’t get out of bed in time.

“I started bawling, I can’t do anything right,” she tells Baltierra in the clip.

“Like can’t get out of bed right?” Baltierra hit back.

Lowell blamed the snooze button for oversleeping, which Baltierra told her she shouldn’t even use. Instead, he told his wife that she “should just get up.”

“Not everybody is like you!” Lowell responded. “I’m sorry I missed it!”

Baltierra assured Lowell that an apology wasn’t necessary, though he admitted that missing the session was annoying.

'Teen Mom OG' Stars Catelynn Lowell And Tyler Baltierra Headed For A Split? He Fats Shames Her Again, As She Turns To Drugs [Featured Image by Jesse Grant/Getty Images]
Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have also appeared on 'Couples Therapy.' [Image by Jesse Grant/Getty Images]

“I think it’s annoying because it was really important,” he told her. “We’ve known about it for a while. It was a big thing. It takes a while to get in there. It’s just getting up and going.”

Last week on Teen Mom OG, Baltierra and Lowell argued because she failed to attend outpatient therapy following her month-long stay in rehab. Lowell signed herself into rehab to work through issues of anxiety and depression. For Baltierra, his biggest fear is that Lowell will go back to the way she was before rehab.

“You know what Cate? You better figure something out soon. What do you want to do? Come on, think hard. I hope you wouldn’t let yourself go back to the way you were,” he said.

Lowell countered by saying that she will always have to deal with panic attacks. Still, Baltierra cautioned Lowell that he wouldn’t stick around if she went back to her old ways.

“Walking through life like a log,” he began. “It’s more of a fear of even saying it out loud. I can’t do this forever, there is no way, not like this. I guess that would be a way of losing you if that ever happened.”


Baltierra ended the conversation by threatening to “check out” if things didn’t start improving. While fans were excited to see a changed Lowell, In Touch Weekly reports that the reality star is still dealing with issues of depression and anxiety.

Will Lowell’s mental health prove the undoing of her marriage? In addition to fighting with Lowell, Baltierra vented his frustration to his mom, Kim Forbes.

“I feel like people don’t understand — and I don’t think even Cate understands — how damaged she really is,” Baltierra candidly told her.

Lowell previously announced that rehab “helped tremendously,” yet she is still taking anti-depressants to deal with her issues.

Despite the marital woes, Lowell recently sat down with Us Magazine and revealed that communication is key when confronting a mental illness.


“Tyler and I — I feel like our communication has always been good,” she explained. “Sometimes rocky, I feel like when it’s going through hard times, because especially with my mental illness, you don’t want to put everything and all that stuff on another person.”

Lowell went on to compliment Baltierra for working on communicating his thoughts without hurting her.

“Tyler definitely has been working also, yeah, with our counselor about how to say things the right way and the tone he says it and stuff,” she stated. “So he’s working on himself, too. It’s not only me working on myself, but he’s also in therapy working on himself as well.”

Based on the new episode, Baltierra has a lot of work to do in the communication department.

New episodes of Teen Mom OG air Monday nights on MTV, and check out the sneak peek below.

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