'Who Killed My Husband': New Lifetime Movie Network Thriller Investigates Cyber Tech Murder Mystery, Stars Andrea Bowen, Jim Thorburn

Who Killed My Husband, a brand new Lifetime Movie Network thriller, is slated to air this Sunday. Originally titled, Under Fire, Lifetime's Who Killed My Husband is directed by David Winning and written by Karen Hanna and Cathy McKernan. The mystery movie is executive produced by Pierre-Andre Rochat and Kirk Shaw. It stars Andrea Bowen as Sophie Howell, Yasmeene Ball as Chloe Howell, Jim Thorburn as Det. Douglas Howell, Chad Krowchuk as Det. Andrew Martin, Thomas Cadrot as Noah Hays, Lini Evans as Jean Howell, Brent Stait as Cpt. Sam Carter, Adrian Petriw as Ben Doughty, Casey Manderson as Corey Riddle, Anja Savcic as Angela Muir, Karen Holness as Dr. Lara Percy, Broadus Mattison as Charles Gagnon, Matt Beairsto as Ryan Muir, and Mariesa Crouse as Ally, according to the Internet Movie Database (IMDB).

Synopsis of Who Killed My Husband on Lifetime Movie Network (LMN)

Sophie Howell is a single mother on light duty since the death of her husband. Ready to get back to her job as an undercover investigator, her supervisor just may have the perfect case. Sophie assures him that she is more than ready to get back to active duty. But, Sophie's teen stepdaughter, Chloe, thinks she needs more time.

Despite her daughter's feelings, Sophie takes the job. Her first case is investigating the cash flow and the business dealings of a new start-up tech company. It seems like a simple job. However, life takes a turn for Sophie after she finds out that Chloe needs an emergency operation that could save her life. Now, she's torn between her life as a mom and her job as an undercover cop.

Meanwhile, the investigation into Cybercash is heating up, and Sophie needs to be more careful to prevent blowing her cover. Besides, Sophie thinks it looks like this new company is involved in a lot more than what they first believed. She's not the only one. A younger employee of the tech company is sure that the numbers are not adding up. But, when he turns up dead in what was supposed to be a tragic accident, Sophie's boss believes she may be in over her head and threatens to remove her from the case. However, with Chloe's surgery looming ahead, getting off the case and returning to inactive duty may not be an option.

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Actress Andrea Bowen (via IMDB)

"Andrea Lauren Bowen began acting at age 6 as "Young Cosette" in the Broadway production of "Les Miserables". She went on to star in the original Broadway casts of "Jane Eyre" (Adele) and "The Sound of Music" (Marta). Other New York stage credits include the role of "Young Dorothy" in a Lincoln Center Workshop production called "WAS" and Alison in Disney's new production, "When You Wish", written and directed by Tina Landau. As a recording artist, she can be heard on Original Cast Recordings of "Jane Eyre" and "The Sound of Music", the concept CDs of "Night of the Hunter" and "Z the Masked Musical" and on recordings for "Sugar Beats" and "The Broadway Kids."
Actor Jim Thorburn (via IMDB)
"Jim has guest starred on multiple shows including, FOX's "Fringe", The CW's "Smallville", USA's "Psych", CTV's "Degrassi: The Next Generation", CTV's "Motive" and CBC's "Republic of Doyle". SyFy also took note of his talents, casting him in "Continuum" and "Merlin and the Book of Beasts". His film credits include the feature film THE DEA, the Ole Bordenal thriller THE POSSESSION, and a lead role in THE TREE THAT SAVED CHRISTMAS with Lacey Chabert."
Who Killed My Husband, which was filmed in Canada and produced by Daro Film Distribution and Odyssey Media, will air this Sunday, October 16, at 8/7 p.m. Central on Lifetime Movie Network. Recently, the movies I Know Where Lizzie Is and Where's My Baby premiered on LMN.
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