Bill Goldberg Being Advertised To Wrestle On The November 14 Episode Of ‘Raw’

For the first time in nearly 13 years, former WWE and WCW World Heavyweight Champion Bill Goldberg will appear on Monday Night Raw on October 17, where he’ll likely accept Paul Heyman’s challenge and agree to wrestle Brock Lesnar at the Survivor Series show on November 20. But, according to the KeyBank Center’s official Facebook page, Goldberg will be wrestling before Survivor Series, as they’re advertising his in-ring return for the November 14 edition of Raw, which will take place in Buffalo, New York.

As previously mentioned, Goldberg will appear on next week’s Raw in Denver, Colorado, but he’s not advertised to wrestle there. But, that doesn’t mean that he won’t get physical, as WWE will likely send someone like Curtis Axel out to the ring during the Goldberg segment, so the former WCW World Champion can send the fans home happy by delivering a Spear at the end of the show.

Goldberg hasn’t wrestled since he left WWE in the spring of 2004, so WWE is likely trying to knock some ring rust off of the ex-WCW megastar by having him wrestle six days before his big Survivor Series match with Brock Lesnar. Who will he wrestle? Well, right now, nobody knows the answer to that question, but it probably won’t be anyone of note. So, don’t expect to see a Bill Goldberg vs. Kevin Owens match on November 14.

The KeyBank Center is also advertising that Brock Lesnar will appear on the November 14 episode of Raw, which contradicts

a report made earlier in the week by Cageside Seats, which suggested that WWE was going to keep Goldberg and Lesnar apart until their match at Survivor Series.

While Goldberg is advertised to wrestle on the November 14 show, Brock Lesnar is not. In fact, even though Lesnar returned to the company four years ago, Goldberg has wrestled on Raw more recently than Lesnar has.

On top of wanting to knock the ring rust off of Goldberg, WWE is probably hoping that his return to the ring can help boost their ratings, which have been on a steady decline over the last couple of weeks. On that night, they’ll be going head to head with a Monday Night Football game which will feature a matchup between the New York Giants and the Cincinnati Bengals. As of this writing, both teams have a losing record, and if neither team turns it around, the November 14 Monday night game shouldn’t be stiff competition for WWE.

As previously mentioned, Goldberg’s match on Raw probably won’t be against a noteworthy opponent, and you shouldn’t expect it to last longer than three minutes, as it’ll likely be an old-school squash match. But, he’ll probably end up getting a lot more physical after the match because he’ll probably be confronted by Brock Lesnar after he gets the win.

Goldberg’s last match took place back at WrestleMania XX on March 14, 2004, where he battled the man who will be his opponent at Survivor Series, Brock Lesnar. The match isn’t remembered fondly, mostly because both men weren’t motivated to put on a good show because they were both planning to leave the company the very next day. The fans in attendance also knew that both men were planning to leave, so they completely hijacked the match and booed both men.

Their rematch should be a lot better than their WrestleMania XX battle was because both men will be motivated to put on a good show. Will it be an all-time classic? Probably not. But, it’ll be a ten to fifteen-minute, hard hitting match between two of the most dominant superstars in professional wrestling history.

[Featured Image by WWE]