Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston To Meet At ‘Romantic Getaway,’ With Justin Theroux To ‘Stay Home’?

When Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were a couple, many fans viewed them as a golden duo, constantly captured in photographs beaming at each other. Consequently, when those fans learned that Brad was in the midst of a divorce from his second wife, Angelina Jolie, social media exploded with references to Pitt and Aniston, ranging from “karma” jokes to hopes for a rekindled romance. But is it possible that Jennifer and Brad actually might reunite, even though she’s currently married to Justin Theroux?

There’s a “secret meeting” reportedly planned for Jennifer and Brad, with Pitt allegedly “desperate” to speak with her, according to OK magazine via Hollywood Life.

Brad and the Friends actress have chatted and have a reunion planned following a text message that Jennifer, 47, sent to Pitt, 52, according to OK. After he received Aniston’s alleged text, Brad reportedly called her, which resulted in a conversation and plans for a reunion.

Brad Pitt and then-wife Jennifer Aniston once seemed like a golden couple.
Brad Pitt and then-wife Jennifer Aniston once seemed like a golden couple. [Image by Evan Agostini/Getty Images]

The alleged meeting comes after their breakup, which occurred when Brad “got together” with Jolie during the filming for Mr. & Mrs. Smith, pointed out Hollywood Life. And for those who are hoping for photos from the reunion that allegedly will occur, OK cites an insider’s claim that Pitt and Aniston are planning to reconcile in a place safely tucked away from paparazzi.

“It’s the perfect spot [for a reunion] because it’s far away from prying eyes.”

That “perfect spot” is Brad’s beach home in Goleta, California, clarified the insider, who also revealed that the 52-year-old and Jennifer viewed the house as a “romantic getaway” where they spent time as a couple during their marriage.

However, romance isn’t in the plan for the reunion, added the source. Instead, this alleged meeting offers Pitt an opportunity to visit with someone he “deeply respects,” explained the insider.

The saga doesn’t end there, with Gossip Cop checking into OK‘s report that the meeting of the exes even includes a plan for Justin Theroux to “stay home.”

OK‘s story claims that Aniston is interested in the opportunity to reconnect with Pitt, chronicling that Theroux “isn’t the least bit threatened” about Jennifer’s reported reunion. Justin will “stay home,” and “has no problem with” the meeting between his wife and her ex, added OK, which offered an explanation as to why he allegedly has that view.

“That’s because he trusts Jen absolutely, and has faith in the strength of their connection.”

But in terms of viewing this as even offering a hint of a love triangle, Gossip Cop notes the problem with this version of Aniston’s and Pitt’s current relationship status: There’s no meeting or reunion planned, which means the report of Theroux’s laissez-faire attitude is “not true” as well, according to Gossip Cop‘s source.

What is true about Justin: He’s candid in talking about Jennifer, even revealing the impact of the Brangelina drama on his wife and their life, reported Elle.

While trying to hype The Girl on the Train, Theroux has been taking time out to talk about Aniston’s ongoing inclusion in the Brangelina saga. He recently summed up his view on having his wife tangled in the stories as “nonsense,” while admitting that his wife has become accustomed to the constant headlines.

“[She is] a proper bada*s. She has lived through a lot of bulls**t. Many people would have crumbled under some of the stresses that have been put on her,” opined Justin.

“I’m very proud of [Jennifer]…In a weird way it’s an honor to stand behind her.”

Theroux also made it clear that the coverage can be challenging, noting that he sometimes dislikes even “walking past the newsstand.” However, Aniston recognizes that she has achieved a status that makes the attention and scrutiny inevitable, he admitted.

Jennifer Aniston has become tangled in Brangelina's drama even though her marriage to Brad Pitt crumbled years ago.
Jennifer Aniston has become tangled in Brangelina's drama even though her marriage to Brad Pitt crumbled years ago. [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

“She is someone who has attracted, for whatever reason, a level of attention where she’s become this sort of fable, I guess, in some sort of bizarre morality play of what a woman should be,” added the actor.

In addition to getting tangled in Brangelina’s drama, Jennifer repeatedly has to deal with those pregnancy headlines.

“You feel protective, of course. She’s similar to me—she doesn’t pay attention to it unless she has to. But there’s definitely times when your privacy is invaded,” Theroux admitted.

“Areas of your personal life that are yours to discuss among yourselves and your friends and family shouldn’t be a topic for national debate.”

Moreover, the actor feels that the burden is on women, noting that they “get so much more s**t than men.” He pointed out that men rarely have to deal with getting dissed on the red carpet or are mentioned with regard to pregnancy issues.

“There’s very few oh-my-God-what-were-they-thinking shows on the red carpet for men,” noted Theroux. “They’re not saying, ‘Oh my God, Justin can’t have kids.'”

[Featured Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]