Madison Hildebrand’s Broken Jaw: How He Has Recovered And Healed

Mary Jane

Madison Hildebrand is back on Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles, and he's back and better than ever. Hildebrand is successful in real estate, he's coming to terms with his life, and he's ready to start dating again. In fact, Madison is ready to find someone who he can settle down with and possibly have children. Madison is great with children, as he has a huge family. And it sounds like he was having a blast with them when he broke his jaw earlier this summer. It was a freak accident that left him with a wired-shut mouth for weeks.

According to a new Bravo report, Madison Hildebrand is now speaking out about his experience with the broken jaw, as he has now healed. The injury happened this summer while he was in Arizona for his nephew's birthday party. While Hildebrand himself was taking it easy, one of his cousins decided to go all out on a jump into the pool, which resulted in a fractured jaw.

— Bravotv (@Bravotv) October 13, 2016

"It was a pool party and I was sitting next to the diving board and my 14-year-old cousin went and jumped off and did a frog-leg jump and his knee clipped the back of my right jaw bone under my ear and did a clean fracture," Madison Hildebrand explains about the accident that left him with a broken jaw. "And I got [knocked] out, a concussion and, obviously, fractured my jaw."

— Madison Hildebrand (@MadisonMalibu) October 11, 2016

Hildebrand explains that he was knocked out completely, and one can imagine that he experienced a tremendous amount of pain. Not only did the jaw break, but he also got kicked in the face by his cousin who was jumping from the diving board. This happened on a Saturday, and on the following Tuesday, Madison went in for surgery to fix the jaw. He hadn't expected that the surgery would require him to have his mouth wired shut for several weeks. And this has been a challenge for someone who has to be social in this job.


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"My mouth is free, which is exciting, but it's still a healing process I was not prepared for," Madison Hildebrand told the Daily Dish, adding, "I can't really eat. My stomach has shrunk. My mouth, if I open it too wide, I get electrocuted. It is not exactly what I was expecting. It's been one of the most challenging things I think I've personally emotionally have had to endure."

His friends and family members were quick to step up to help him out, as he tried to balance his recovery, his lack of speaking and his work as a successful real-estate agent. On Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles this season, Madison Hildebrand announced that he had created a very supportive team, and one can imagine that they all stepped up to help him close some deals when the accident happened.

— Bravotv (@Bravotv) October 7, 2016

"I had a lot of really lovely support. I was really surprised by how much love and support I had from my friends and clients that were very supportive, that brought me meals and took care of me. And so I only lost 2 pounds, which is fantastic and most of its muscle. But I'm now free and I'm still in shock that I can't eat [like I used to]. So it's all sorts of fun surprises," Madison explains of the support he had throughout his recovery.

— Madison Hildebrand (@MadisonMalibu) October 8, 2016

What do you think of Madison Hildebrand's freak accident? How do you think he managed to keep his busy business afloat as his broken jaw started to influence every aspect of his life?

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