Ken Bone Casts Vote For uberSELECT In Tweet Violating FTC Regulations

Ken Bone, the “winner” of the last presidential debate, has finally decided who he will vote for. In a Tweet Thursday, Ken chose uberSELECT for his vote.

Bone originally used his new-found celebrity powers for good, encouraging people to vote. He also did an excellent Reddit AMA.

This past Thursday, Ken became the spokesman for Uber.

Celebrity-status turns out to be fairly profitable, even if someone’s mostly famous for rising “like a red mustachioed beacon of light for a fiercely divided nation.” On the other hand, Ken Bone looks like he broke government regulations with his tweet.

“Everyone wants to know what I’ve decided… and I have. uberSELECT helps you ride in style like me.”

There is just one small problem with that tweet. It is an advertisement without a declaration that it is such a thing. Why does that really matter? Ask the Federal Trade Commission, though they will not comment on any pending or nonexistent cases.

Being the responsible citizen that he is, Bone has since taken down the original tweet and published an apology.


Uber is potentially on the line for the violation as well, as they are liable for what they influence people to do in this situation.

“Although there are no fines for violations of the FTC Act, law enforcement actions can result in orders requiring the defendants in the case to give up money they received from their violations.”

Albeit, considering what Ken is getting paid, it seems unlikely he will lose anything. Uber is paying Bone with free rides, which he says he is using to get to the various media events he has been invited to.

According to blog statement released by Uber, Ken Bone is also the first person to use their service, uberSELECT.

Ken Bone also looks to make a profit through a number of other sources, such as the “Bonezone” t-shirts available for a limited time only.


However, the strangest offer Ken has received so far was from an adult website, offering him $100,000 for a live hour long session. It seems Bone has turned down that money for now, at least.

Izod, the company that made his now famous sweater, have invited him to meet with them in Washington. Perhaps another endorsement is on the way? Maybe for that sexy Ken Bone Halloween costume that came out for $99 and sold out almost immediately.

It is difficult to blame Ken for taking advantage of his sudden rise to fame. Fame is fleeting, and considering the attention span of most Americans, Bone will no doubt be replaced in the next few weeks with either a cute cat video or a Kardashian. He might as well cash in while he can and put a nice chunk of change into his retirement.

With 238,000 followers, perhaps Ken Bone will stay in the limelight a little while longer. He appears to be about the perfect representative of the average undecided voter, and would be interesting to see more of his opinions in the media as the presidential election draws closer.

A typical pirate flag from around 1750

Of course, some people are cross with Bone. Some news sources have criticized Ken for not asking a harder question on the topic. One writer stated “Ken Bone so beautifully screwed up the execution of what could have been a hard-hitting, line-in-the-sand question that he may as well have been planted in the audience by the fossil fuel industry.”

So what do you think of the supposed winner of the presidential debate? Is Ken the new Hope of America? Is he a wannabe celeb siphoning off as much money off his newfound status as he can? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!

And Ken still has not decided who he will vote for.

[Featured Image by Carl Court/Getty Images]