‘Pokemon Sun And Moon’: Shocking New Pokemon And Trial Captains Revealed On Pokemon’s Official Site!

Brace yourselves, Pokemon fans — the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon may be drawing near, but that has not slowed the fast and furious Pokemon SuMo hype train.

Just minutes ago, Pokemon’s official YouTube channel released another Pokemon Sun and Moon teaser trailer revealing a suite of new Alola Pokemon and Island Kahunas. The new reveals include what Pokemon fans saw in yesterday’s Corocoro leak, but they are by no means limited to it.

The first newly revealed Pokemon is Silvally, the evolution of the previously announced Pokemon “Type: Null.” Silvally was technically already seen in the leaked scans of Corocoro, although it only appeared with its Japanese name. Even at that point, fans were astounded at Silvally’s existence because no one thought Type: Null would be receiving an evolution. After all, points out Pokemon-themed YouTuber Verlisify, its Pokedex description says it is an artificial Pokemon. As was seen in the scans, Silvally has an ability called “RKS System” in English that lets it change type in accordance to an item it holds.

Also confirmed were the evolutions of the already-announced dragon Pokemon Jangmo-o. The evolutions, Hakomo-o and Kommo-o, retain Jangmo-o’s dragon typing, as well as its “Bulletproof” and “Soundproof” abilities, and add the fighting typing. This makes them the first two dragon-fighting Pokemon in the National Pokedex.

After the reveals of the Jangmo-o evolutions, we get into the truly never-before-seen stuff.

First is the Bounsweet evolution line, which, contrary to what most people thought beforehand, consists of three stages rather than two. Bounsweet’s middle stage is named Steenee. It holds onto its pure grass typing and has the abilities “Leaf Guard” and “Oblivious.” The final stage is “Tsareena.” It drops “oblivious” and gains the “Queenly Majesty” ability, which Serebii reports will block all priority moves. The minute this Pokemon’s name popped up on screen, my mind flew to Serena, Ash’s (sort of) love interest from the Pokemon XYZ anime who many fans want to reappear in Alola. Does Tserena’s existence go any way towards confirming Serena’s return, or will the Pokemon have to take her place in Alola?

The next new Pokemon announced is Ribombee, the evolution of the previously announced Pokemon Cutiefly. Ribombee looks cute, but it does not seem to have any new moves or abilities.

Finally, Alolan forms of both Grimer and Muk were confirmed. Fans have already expressed their disappointment with the design of Alolan Grimer, which was leaked in Corocoro. Alolan Muk is bound to appeal to more people, as its design does not follow the same supposed mistake as Grimer’s – being too boring. In fact, the moving rainbow stripes and flurry of gemstones decorating the Pokemon’s body make it one of the more interesting Alola-exclusive versions of gen one Pokemon to have been revealed. Comparisons to rainbow sherbert are already being made.

After unveiling the new Pokemon, the teaser showed off one of Pokemon Sun and Moon‘s Kahunas. For those not up-to-date with news concerning the upcoming Pokemon titles, “Kahuna” is the term used to refer to the guardians of each Alolan island. Like gym leaders in the previous generations, players must defeat each of the Kahunas in a Pokemon battle to reach the region’s champion.

The newly revealed Kahuna is named Olivia. She specializes in rock-type Pokemon and she is the guardian of Akala Island.

Stay tuned to The Inquisitr for detailed reports and analyses of all Pokemon Sun and Moon-related news.

And as always, Train On, Pokemon fans.

[Featured Image by Pokemon]