Stevie J Sues Pregnant Joseline Hernandez Over Abuse Claims

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star Stevie J is suing pregnant Joseline Hernandez over claims she made on Instagram and Twitter that he molested his daughter Eva.

Joseline Hernandez has also questioned Stevie J’s sexuality, claiming that the Bad Boy producer is gay and a devil worshipper.

According to the TMZ report, Joseline went as far as calling the Georgia’s Division of Family and Children Services to accuse him of child molestation. The lawsuit claims that Joseline has damaged Stevie’s reputation and subjected him to public scrutiny.

In the finale of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Joseline Hernandez stated that she is pregnant with Stevie J’s child. During the brief reconciliation, Joseline admitted that she said inflammatory statements that she is currently being sued for about him to hurt his feelings.

Stevie J has since questioned the paternity of the child and has denied being her baby’s father. Joseline was also subjected to rumors about a relationship with Atlanta rapper Young Dro, but the Puerto Rican Princess has denied having relations with other men while with Stevie J.

During Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Joseline said that she thinks she and Stevie conceived the child during their stay in Los Angeles.

Stevie J has requested a paternity test before acknowledging that she may be pregnant with his child.

Stevie has made some accusations of his own against his former lover. He claims that Joseline has lied about where she is from and her age, according to TMZ:

“In his docs Stevie points out Joseline’s real name is Shenellica Juneann Bettencourt… she’s 39 years old (not 29)… isn’t even from Puerto Rico… might STILL be married to someone else… and the baby in her belly probably isn’t his.”

During an interview with VH1, Mimi opened up about the abuse claims Joseline made against Stevie and if she wants her daughter Eva to be around Joseline’s child if the baby’s father is Stevie J. When asked about Joseline’s child and Eva having a relationship, Mimi responded with the following:

“Not if I can help it. I want nothing to do with that woman, or her child. I’m sorry, she has done the most horrible things to me. She’s done horrible things to my family. She’s made serious serious accusations about my daughter, her father, her grandfather. It’s disgusting. I absolutely want nothing to do with her. Ever. Ever. Ever. Nor my child. So, unless that child is of age and can go somewhere on its own, and she has nothing to do with it, maybe then yes, but if my daughter has to be around her again, that’s not happening. Ever again in life.”

Joseline and Stevie may not return to Love and Hip Hop Atlanta next season. When leaving court earlier this year, Joseline revealed her plans to shoot a Miami special documenting her pregnancy, and Stevie J is reportedly getting a spin-off show of his own that focuses on his family and music.

Pregnant Joseline Hernandez is having a daughter. Nikki Mudarris of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood is close friends with the Puerto Rican princess and revealed the gender of her baby during an interview.

Joseline responded to Stevie’s lawsuit on Twitter with a gif of her rolling her eyes:


Joseline also revealed on Instagram that she is six months pregnant, which suggests she may give birth around January of 2017 or in December.

Stevie J was sued over unpaid child support earlier this year. Joseline has also reportedly filed motions requesting a paternity test to prove that he is her baby’s father.

Rumors were also circulating that Stevie may have moved on with Faith Evans. However, there is no confirmation that they are in a relationship.

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