Mamamoo Involved In Minor Car Accident — RBW Entertainment K-Pop Girl Group Okay But Missed 49th Yeongdong Nangye Korean Traditional Music Festival

When it comes to becoming a K-pop idol, most people who may or may not be K-pop fans only see the outcome, especially when it comes to K-pop acts signed and created under the “big three,” SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment. However, all the hard work, long hours, and dangers K-pop idols have to go through to get to that point of popularity is something only K-pop fans, especially the seasoned ones, will see.

One such task they have to constantly do to get their name out and about among said fandom is to do numerous promotional events. This at times may result in many long hours on the road. This detail of the K-pop life can be hazardous as seen throughout Hallyu history. Just recently, Seulgi and Yeri of Red Velvet were involved in a minor car accident. Before them, Jackson of Got7 was in a car crash caused by a sasaeng. Last year during their Lion Heart promotions, Girls’ Generation were also in a car crash. Fortunately, the aforementioned were alright. The same cannot be said for Ladies’ Code whose members EunB and RiSe both passed away from their injuries sustained from a major car crash back in 2014.

Mamamoo was involved in a minor car accident on the way to an event. Fortunately, they are alright. [Image by RBW Entertainment]

K-pop fans never want to hear about their favorite groups being involved in accidents, but it is a risk they have to endure with all the promotions they go through. And now another K-pop group has recently been in a car accident. Reports state that Mamamoo were in a minor car accident. The RBW Entertainment K-pop girl group are okay but they ended up missing the 49th Yeongdong Nangye Korean Traditional Music Festival.

The news of Mamamoo’s minor car accident comes belated through Korean news outlet Naver. Thanks to a translation provided by Soompi, we know that Mamamoo was on their way to the 49th Yeongdong Nangye Korean Traditional Music Festival when they were involved in the minor accident at 6:40 p.m. on Thursday, October 13. RBW Entertainment believed it was far more important to get Mamamoo to the hospital just to make sure they were okay, as detailed in the following statement they put up on their official fan cafe.

“While the accident was minor, we thought going to the hospital was the first priority, so we went to a nearby hospital and [the members] got a checkup. Once we were able to confirm that the members were all okay, we tried to make it to the event, but it was too late.”

RBW Entertainment made sure to stress that all four members of Mamamoo — Solar, Moonbyul, Wheein, and Hwasa — are in good health. They also apologized for causing worry and for missing the festival.

Back in February of this year, Mamamoo released their first studio album titled "Melting." Three of their songs charted on Korean and US World charts. [Image by RBW Entertainment]

At this moment, all promotions and appearances done by Mamamoo is to not just showcase their past works, but to keep pushing their album Melting. Released earlier this year on February 26, the album was instantly popular given the fact that it was the K-pop girl group’s first studio album. Its title track “I Miss You” quickly rose to the top of several major music charts in South Korea at No. 7. Another track on the album titled “Taller than You” also did well peaking at No. 5. However, their song “You’re the Best” was their most popular, topping at No. 1. At this moment, over 36,000 copies of Melting have been sold. Digital downloads for the three songs listed above total more than 2.6 million.

K-pop fans, especially Moomoos (official fan club for Mamamoo), who want to own their copy of Mamamoo’s first studio album can purchase it at YesAsia. It comes with the album, booklet, and random photo cards.

[Featured Image by RBW Entertainment]