‘Southern Charm’ Thomas Ravenel Wants All His Fans To Vote Trump, Because He Says He Can’t, But Can He?

Thomas Ravenel of Bravo’s Southern Charm was under the impression that because of his conviction on federal cocaine charges, he was unable to vote for Donald Trump, but he is urging all of his fans to do so in his behalf. Thomas Ravenel took to Facebook to ask that everyone vote for Trump to make the country great again. Ravenel himself was once allegedly a big deal in the South Carolina Republican party, and obviously, they still have his support.

Thomas Ravenel was the treasurer for the state of South Carolina when he was convicted of using and distributing cocaine and put behind bars, according to The Inquisitr. Since then, he has joked that he “just liked the smell,” but either way, Ravenel is a convicted felon and no longer holds political office. Ravenel, 54, is now on the reality show Southern Charm and has two children with former girlfriend Kathryn Dennis, 24. Southern Charm is currently shooting its fourth season in Charleston, South Carolina.


Thomas Ravenel posted on Facebook that, because of his felony conviction for cocaine, he cannot vote in the presidential election, but he wants fans to vote for Donald Trump instead, says ABC 4. Obviously, Ravenel didn’t know that in South Carolina, once you’ve served your sentence, you can once again vote.

“I can’t vote in the Presidential race because of my conviction but you can. If you want to put back into The White House someone who looted it when she left and increased her net worth from $0 to $ 350 million by selling out our national security then vote for the great con artist Hillary. If you believe that our Country should be great and provide equality and opportunity to ALL its citizens then you must vote for Trump.”


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After finding out that he could vote in the election, Thomas Ravenel deleted the post, as he often does when he thinks twice about something he has shared. Joe Debney of the Charleston County Board of Elections said that Thomas Ravenel would have to re-register to vote, but that Ravenel had served his sentence in prison, so he now can have his voting privileges returned.

Thomas Ravenel ran for office again in 2014 against Lindsey Graham and obviously, if he didn’t think he could vote, didn’t vote for himself. Ravenel’s vote wouldn’t have been of much help, as he lost in a landslide.


The State says that, though Donald Trump is losing supporters from within the Republican party left and right, he can be comforted that he has the support of Southern Charm Thomas Ravenel down in South Carolina. Ravenel implored fans that if they wanted to make America great again, they needed to vote for Donald Trump.

But Ravenel has continued to post on his Facebook other views during this election season.

“Paul Ryan is a POS.”

The Charleston City Paper shared Thomas Ravenel’s post, but it was removed when Ravenel deleted it from his Facebook page. The City Paper says that people know Thomas Ravenel in different ways.

“You might know Thomas Ravenel as the reality TV star of Southern Charm. You might know him as the former treasurer of the State of South Carolina. You also might know him as a convicted felon who pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute cocaine and served 10 months in federal prison.”


The headline read: “Convicted Felon Thomas Ravenel Urges You to Vote For Donald Trump.”

Are you surprised that Thomas Ravenel is supporting Donald Trump?

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