WWE News: Former WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James Will Be Returning To WWE To Face Asuka At ‘NXT Takeover: Toronto’

In one of the biggest surprises of the year thus far, WWE was able to give us something huge for WWE NXT Takeover: Toronto. WWE NXT Women’s Champion Asuka has cleaned out the women’s division in NXT and no one seemingly was ready to take her on. She beat the heart of NXT in Bayley and even some of the NXT veterans like Dana Brooke and Emma, who are now both on the main roster for the WWE RAW brand.

On top of this, she taken out all up-and-comers who have come her way, like Liv Morgan, and now she may have her sights set on people who don’t even work for the WWE. During the recent set of NXT tapings, William Regal told Asuka that she would not wrestle anyone on the NXT roster. She would be wrestling the former WWE Women’s and Diva’s Champion, Mickie James. It isn’t some normal match either, she’ll be wrestling Micky for the NXT Women’s Title.

The match, of course, will happen the night before WWE Survivor Series at NXT Takeover. This is a huge event for the WWE in both areas. WWE has not been in Canada for Survivor Series since the Montreal Screwjob over 20 years ago. Obviously WWE knows this is a big time for them, so adding NXT to the weekend is a great plan for the company. Last year, WWE brought in Jushin “Thunder” Liger to face Tyler Breeze at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn, and it was a huge moment for the WWE.

Mickie James Asuka NXT
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Now they have added a former champion to the roster in Mickie James. The question is, will James be back for this one night only, or will she be back in the WWE? Also, will WWE pull the trigger and have James beat the unbeatable Asuka in her debut NXT match? Asuka has been dominate, but Mickie does have a better career in the WWE than her. Micky has also beaten WWE Hall of Famers, so her resume is seen as quite major in the promotion.

She left the company years ago, but not before becoming a five time WWE Women’s Champion. She would go on to have success in TNA Wrestling as well, winning their TNA Knockouts Championship on three occasions. She has eight major Women’s Titles, and that is certainly nothing to scoff at. She is clearly the biggest test Asuka has had as the NXT Women’s Champion and that means Asuka could look even more unbeatable if she beats James.

The 37-year-old ended up marrying former TNA World Champion Magnus and became a mom around the same time. More than likely a full-time return is off the table, but the fact that she is returning at all means that WWE feels she can work well in this new age of women’s wrestling for the business. Working with Asuka is certainly not an easy task, as she could easily overshadow anyone she works with due to her amazing ability. However, Mickie James may be able to do well with her.

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There are many women that WWE has had in the past that simply could not return in this day and age, simply because they weren’t that good and they would be embarrassed by the athletes WWE has now in the women’s division. Someone like Mickie James would by no means fall into that same category, in fact, she may end up giving us some amazing matches with the women of today. Her match with Asuka could very well deliver just that.

Asuka has clearly been dominant and right now, no one knows who will take the NXT Women’s Title off of her. Mickie James may be returning to the WWE and may be a former champion, but that does not automatically mean she’ll take out the Empress of Tomorrow. We’ll have to wait and see if WWE will have James take the title off of Asuka, but this seems like more of a way to build up Asuka than to give Mickie a major title upon her return.

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