WWE Rumors: Vince McMahon Might Not Pay For Paige’s Neck Surgery

Drama seems to be around every corner for Paige nowadays. In addition to back-to-back suspensions from WWE, allegations of drug use, and a mysterious knife fight with a homeless man, the popular diva appears set to engage in a controversial battle over neck surgery. World Wrestling Entertainment is hesitant to pay for it, as reported by Wrestling Inc.

When WWE announced a couple of weeks ago that Paige had violated their wellness program for the first time and had been suspended for a month, she made it a point to let fans know that it was because she missed a testing appointment and had not failed a drug test.

When WWE announced a second suspension, which amounts to two months off the road, Paige was on the defensive again. She and her family were quite vocal about her need of prescribed painkillers because she suffers from constant pain in her neck.


In addition to making that denial, the diva, whose real name is Saraya Jade Bevis, also accused WWE of not treating their performers equally. She feels that certain performers are allowed to get away with things if they are in a particular spot on the ladder. Others have made similar allegations.

Ryback, a performer that had been with WWE since 2004 and was recently granted his release, made similar allegations. His beef with management is that they do not require part-time performers, many of whom are used to provide a quick spike in numbers, to go through the wellness program testing.

WWE decided to fire back against Paige. The company stated that the 24-year-old diva did indeed fail the wellness program testing because of an illegal drug. World Wrestling Entertainment generally avoids giving out too much details when performers are suspended, so this could be a sign of how agitated the front office is with Paige.

MMA executive Alberto Del Rio
Alberto Del Rio [Image by WWE]

Paige was also said to have been involved in an incident with her real-life boyfriend, Alberto Del Rio, where a homeless man allegedly stabbed the former WWE heavyweight champion. That was the excuse that he gave for missing out on a scheduled wrestling event.

While Paige and Alberto Del Rio are sticking to their story, no police reports have been found of the incident. There have yet to be any witnesses that have stepped forward about the incident. When the story first broke, there were said to have been a couple of people that witnessed the entire thing.

Paige announced this week that she was going to undergo surgery to repair her neck. The England native also revealed that she was going to miss several months of action, with optimistic projections that she might be able to return by WrestleMania 33.

WWE executive Vince McMahon
Vince McMahon [Image by WWE]

Unfortunately for Paige, though, WWE might not be willing to pick up the tab for the surgery. Management does not believe she requires surgery after having their own doctors check her out. If World Wrestling Entertainment refuses to pay for the surgery, Paige might have trouble footing the entire bill by herself.

Things between Paige and WWE could end up growing worse. She has publicly informed fans that she has no choice but to return to the company because she is under contractual obligations for a very long period of time. This could lead to an ugly backstage situation similar to what Rey Mysterio had to go through.

The future was once so bright for Paige in WWE. She was the darling of the divas division. Things have obviously gone quite a bit south since then. Hopefully, the two sides can figure something out because this mess is not good for anyone involved.

[Featured Image by WWE]