Donald Trump’s Anti-Hillary Clinton Statements: Is Google A Liberal Conspiracy? The Don Claims Search Engine Is Biased

Donald Trump has been known for making larger-than-life claims, but this one takes the cake. Trump claimed recently that Google was purposely biased against him while hiding all negative online search results about Hillary Clinton. It’s true that Google is a liberal company, but is Trump being conspired against by the search engine giant? mentions that the conspiracy first appeared in June 2016, when a viral video by pop culture site SourceFeed accused Google of changing search results to aid Clinton. So, what is the proof that Google has or hasn’t done what Trump suggests?

Donald Trump Hillary Clinton Google
Donald Trump speaks to supporters at a rally in West Palm Beach, FL, October 13, 2016. [Photo By Joe Raedle/Getty Images]

A quick search for “Hillary Clinton stealing” actually does bring up negative articles about Clinton. Searching “Hillary Clinton bad publicity” also shows some of the candidate’s dark side. From this, it’s pretty clear that Trump is not being discriminated against.

This isn’t the first time Trump has had a run-in with a major tech titan. As learned, Trump has previously called on Apple to manufacture products in the US. Trump has been called a hypocrite several times for manufacturing his own merchandise in foreign markets while calling for American companies to manufacture at home.

Donald Trump Hillary Clinton Google
Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally at the Lakeland Linder Regional Airport in Lakeland, FL. [Photo By Joe Raedle/Getty Images]

Trump also reported on Twitter that every poll had his campaign ahead of Hillary’s while they clearly did not. In fact, most major polls favor the Democratic Party nominee by at least three to four points. A CNN poll reported that Trump currently has an eight percent chance of getting to the White House.

So, what’s a slowly-but-surely drowning nominee to do? Up until this point, Trump has thrived on turning the media’s heads towards what he has to say. If he can do that again in the election, he may still have a chance for a comeback.

Both sides of the aisle seem to think Trump cannot redeem himself, Google conspiracy or not. Republicans are abandoning Donald faster than you can say “Make America Great Again,” and Michelle Obama has called his comments on women “intolerable.” Even some within the GOP ranks have called for the candidate to step down.

That leaves one very big white elephant in the room, and that is Gary Johnson. The Libertarian candidate has come from seemingly out of nowhere, offering a third choice to those fed up with both candidates. Could Trump’s loss be Johnson’s gain?

Donald Trump also attacked a writer from People Magazine on Twitter after she claimed he’d sexually assaulted her. You can practically hear him yelling as he tweets, “Why didn’t [the writer of the People article] mention the ‘incident’ in her story. Because it didn’t happen!”

The GOP presidential candidate has claimed that mainstream media is also against him. On Twitter, he slammed the “dishonest” media for giving little coverage of Clinton’s incriminating e-mails, as exposed by WikiLeaks. He also accused CNN of giving Hillary questions in advance of her debates against Bernie Sanders. Trump has said in recent weeks that Bernie got a raw deal from the DNC, and he took aim at DNC Chairman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.


In the light of the controversy, Trump’s running mate Mike Pence is standing by him. The Indiana Governor posted a tweet that claimed Hillary might have released classified information concerning the capture of Osama Bin Laden. He also asserted that Trump’s movement is about rebuilding America.

The GOP nominee has continuously denied the allegations made against him about sexual assault. He explains the incidents away as having never happened and denies many of the misogynistic comments the media has attributed to him. Additionally, he has accused Bill Clinton of sexually assaulting several women, some of whom were present at the 2nd Presidential Debate this past Sunday. The woman, however, accused Bill Clinton of sexually assaulting them long before Mr. Trump decided to run for president.


What do you think? Is there a conspiracy by Google and/or the mainstream media to shut the GOP nominee out?

[Featured Image By Joe Raedle/Getty Images]