Police: Chicago Mom Burned Boy’s Genitals With Curling Iron During Years Of Torture

A Chicago mom has been arrested, and authorities are looking for her boyfriend, in association with a horrifying case of alleged abuse. The Dreamin’ Demon reports that 24-year-old Caroline Woods is accused of torturing her 7-year-old son for at least two years — and had it not been for the child getting loose on Sunday, there’s no telling how much longer this alleged abuse could have continued.

Police say they were alerted to the alleged abuse on Sunday morning when the little boy was found wandering down a street near his home. The child was reportedly wearing a soiled diaper, and nothing else, when authorities arrived at the scene. When interviewed by police, the seven-year-old boy told police a horrifying story — a story that has led to the arrest of his own mother.

The child alleges that his mother, Caroline Woods, had been abusing him for approximately two years. He told police that she and her boyfriend forced him to live in a closet, where he was forced to live off nothing more than cans of okra and protein shakes. The Chicago mom allegedly beat the boy on a regular basis, along with her boyfriend, but further details shared by the child are absolutely frightening.

Police say that Caroline Woods, and her boyfriend, forced the little boy to sit on a stove as they burned his genitals with a curling iron. When examined by a court-appointed doctor, it was determined that the child’s body was riddled with injuries associated with abuse. The doctor who examined him claims that the child exhibited the “most injuries he had ever seen” on a single person. The Daily Mail reports that the closet where the child was confined was littered with feces. The child confirmed to police that he was made to use the bathroom in the closet where he was confined.

While it’s fortunate that the child in this case made it out alive, there are numerous cases of similar caliber that haven’t ended so well. One similar case involves the disappearance of Arizona child Jhessye Shockley. The five-year-old child vanished from her mother’s apartment in October, 2011, and has never been found. However, authorities strongly believe that her mother killed her and then disposed of her body in a dumpster somewhere in the valley. Evidence uncovered by detectives determined that Jerice Hunter kept her little girl in a closet in her apartment, where she was subjected to ongoing incidents of violent abuse. Ultimately, Hunter was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison. The search for Jhessye’s body continues.

In 2012, a Florida woman was arrested on child abuse charges after she allegedly cut and burned her two children. Police say that she used a curling iron to assault the two young ones, but the weapon used to cut them wasn’t clarified in the 2012 report on WPBF News.


Perhaps one of the most gruesome stories of similar detail took place in January 1995. A Ford Heights, Illinois, woman committed a horrifying act of child abuse murder on her six-month-old daughter, which led to her 1998 conviction. On the night of the horrifying incident, Otisha Johnson put her children to bed so she could press her hair. When the infant began crying, she used the curling iron to silence her. After burning the child once with the hair-styling tool, the Illinois mom left the residence to smoke some crack. That’s when things took a turn from bad, to worse. When she returned to her residence, the baby began to cry again. In a rage, the mom pressed the hot curling iron to the baby multiple times — which led to her death.

As for this latest case, Chicago mom Caroline Woods has been charged with assault. She has also been denied bail due to the depravity of her alleged actions. Meanwhile, authorities are looking for the boyfriend — who hasn’t been identified — but it’s believed that he may have moved to California.

[Featured Image via Cook County Sheriff]