Taylor Swift Dropping ‘Surprise’ Album On October 23?

Taylor Swift will reportedly release a surprise album on October 23, according to Us Magazine. Although if the theory is right and the “Bad Blood” singer indeed releases her new album later this month, it won’t be such a surprise after all.

Taylor Swift has released new albums every two years since 2006, and every time the release date was scheduled somewhere around the end of October (except 2008’s Fearless, which was released on November 11).

So a new theory suggests that Taylor Swift could drop a new surprise album later this month and carry on the tradition of releasing new music every two years at the end of October. But the theory even went further and suggested that the pop singer could release the new album on October 23.

The exact date can be explained by the fact that if all of the numbers (10/23/16) are added up together, it equals to Taylor Swift’s favorite number, 13.

And Taylor Swift has surely had tons of material from her real-life experiences to let her work on that new album in the past few years. In fact, she could arguably make an album inspired by her life in the past six months alone.

First and foremost, Taylor Swift could surely write a song or two about her scandalous split from Calvin Harris. And the “Shake It Off” singer is no stranger to writing breakup songs about her former love interests, as she previously wrote songs about actor Jake Gyllenhaal, One Direction singer Harry Styles, Twilight actor Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, and Joe Jonas.

And given that their split made headlines several times this summer, the chances that Taylor Swift will write a heartbreak song about Harris are rather high. Or the “Bad Blood” singer could also write a song about Tom Hiddleston.

Although they only dated for less than three months and split early last month, Taylor Swift has a lot to explain to her fans. For example, why did she go public with her romance with the Thor actor just two weeks after her split from Harris?

In fact, Taylor Swift’s close pal Gigi Hadid recently revealed that the “Blank Space” singer is reportedly working on new music in the studio, so is the surprise album actually happening?

Taylor Swift could also draw some inspiration for new music from her feud with rapper Kanye West and his wife, Kim Kardashian. The “Shake It Off” singer was pretty open about her feud with Katy Perry in “Bad Blood,” so why not finally address her headline-making feud with the “Famous” rapper?

In the lyrics to “Famous,” Kanye West raps that he and Taylor Swift “might still have sex” because he made “that b*tch famous.” West had previously insisted that Swift knew about the line and approved it before the rapper released the track.

Taylor Swift has yet to respond to West through her own lyrics, and her new album is expected to feature a few juicy lines either about West or his wife Kim Kardashian, who has been pretty vocal about defending her husband in the feud against the “Bad Blood” singer.

Just last month, West made headlines after singing “Famous” three times during his concert in Taylor Swift’s hometown of Nashville. In fact, at one point of his performance, the rapper even chanted to the crowd, “F*** Taylor Swift!”

Taylor Swift could also respond to her drama with fellow singer Demi Lovato, who, according to News Australia, slammed the pop star for tearing down Katy Perry, referring to Swift’s hit song “Bad Blood.”

Lovato also went as far as saying that none of Taylor Swift’s squad presents a healthy body image.

[Featured Image by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images]