Aleppo: Relentless Bombing Kills 150 More, Civilians Enduring ‘Daily Holocaust’ Mayor Says

Renewed bombing has resulted in more than 150 deaths within the rebel-held portion of Aleppo, Syria. The eastern area of the city has been occupied by rebels who are now under siege by the Syrian government and backed by Russian forces, in an attempt to retake the entire city.

Over the weekend, air strikes against the rebel-held city had dwindled and gave a minute sense of relief to civilians caught in the middle of the violent situation. The Syrian army leaders had announced that they would reduce the number of raids and airstrikes, describing reasons as being for humanitarian purposes. However, on Tuesday the strikes intensified once more and took many lives by Thursday.

On Thursday, airstrikes killed 13 people, after warplanes hit several rebel-held districts, which include al-Kalaseh, Bustan al-Qasr and al-Sakhour. The news was relayed by civil defense official Ibrahim Abu al-Laith, as the Huffington Post shares.

“The bombing started at 2 a.m. and it’s going on till now,” he said.

The war-torn city has been divided between government and rebel-controlled areas for years, since the trouble in the nation of Syria with the militant groups was ignited. More than 250,000 people are said to be caught in the chaos and violence within the eastern portion of Aleppo. It is the stronghold that is most important to the rebels. The civilians that are trapped are suffering due not only to the airstrikes, but also due to a shortage of food, fuel, and medicine.

Rescue services are operating in the rebel-held parts of Syria via the Civil Defence. Military officials of the Syrian forces could not be reached for comment on the latest attacks on the city, after having stated that they would lessen their strikes. Both the Syrian and Russian governments insist that their forces only target the militants, yet is is a well-known fact that many civilians have been killed since the offensive began only weeks ago.

Within a government-held portion of the city, in the West, four or more children were killed, while 10 were wounded on Thursday when attacks hit a school, reported the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. SANA, the Syrian state news agency, claims that the school, which sits in the al-Suleimaniya area, was a target of a terrorist attack. On Wednesday, as the Observatory, which is a Britain-based was monitoring group, shared, shelling on portions of Aleppo that were government-held caused the death of an additional eight people on Wednesday.

The mayor of the war-ravaged city has spoken out recently and is blaming the international community for the continued attacks and deaths in the Syrian city, stating that residents are living a “daily Holocaust,” as Global News relays.


“We live a daily holocaust in Aleppo,” Mayor Brita Haj Hassan told Sky News. “Aleppo is burning every day.”

It has been a frustrating circumstance for charity members who are attempting to assist and care for the wounded and hungry. Doctors Without Borders members have been pleading to have access to the rebel-held part of the city for the purpose of treating the wounded. The international charity also says that medical workers in the city are facing exhaustion and are running out of room and facilities to treat victims of the airstrikes and attacks.

Despite what the Syrian and Russian forces claim, the constant attacks are harming civilians and resulting in the deaths of many innocent lives. Hassan claims that the international community has not done enough to halt the offensive against his city.

“The international community are part of what is going on in the killing of children and the bombing and the war crime. And they never took any measure to stop that, they are just watching. They are part of the crime being committed in Aleppo.”

[Featured Image by John Moore/Getty Images]