DC 'Legends Of Tomorrow' Season 2 Premiere Spoilers: This New Season Features The Dominators, Legion Of Doom, And Justice Society

The DC Legends of Tomorrow premiere kicks off Season 2 on the CW with a brand new start for the show. The series producers are hitting the reset button with Legends. It's clear they want to ramp up the time-traveling adventures of the motley band, not to mention the show's CGI budget.

In the process, they'll introduce us to an alien race called the Dominators, the villainous Legion of Doom, and the appropriately legendary Justice Society of America. For superhero fandom, this season of Legends of Tomorrow could be awesome.

Not Always a Clone of the DC

Legends of Tomorrow faces one of its biggest challenges with the huge crossover event going on between it and Supergirl, Arrow, and The Flash. But the Supergirl move from CBS to the CW doesn't mean they'll use the Flashpoint story arc to combine her universe with that of her counterparts on the CW.

Instead, it seems Supergirl will only be making guest appearances. Hopefully, this includes a stopover on Legends of Tomorrow so she can join in the time-travel craziness. With the Time Masters dead, Captain Rip Hunter and the rest of the Legends of Tomorrow crew are free to protect time in their own inimitable fashion.

Legends of Tomorrow -- like the CW's other DC shows -- doesn't necessarily follow the comic books exactly. Characters can be changed, their back stories can be altered, and they can be combined with other characters you've never heard of in the comics. This keeps things surprising for the audience.

But Still Mining the DC

Legends of Tomorrow will still mine the rich DC canon in the same way they did in the first season. From alien invasions and supervillains to superheroes squads of the past, viewers should get the Legends of Tomorrow – pseudo-Justice League – show they were hoping for the first time.

Legends of Tomorrow characters on The CW.
'Legends of Tomorrow' characters on The CW. [Image by The CW]

While, as the CW points out, the second season premiere starts out with an atomic bomb in New York, the show will quickly move on to other even scarier things.

The Dominators

Show runners have revealed that the principal crisis of season two – and the one that will likely involve the major crossover between the DC Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl series – will be the arrival of the Dominators.

The Dominators are an alien species that in the DC comics short series Invasion have plans for the Earth's metahuman superheroes. Turns out, they want to capture some for use as breeding stock. The producers are saying they want these aliens to be as much like the comic book version as possible.

The Legion of Doom

Traditionally in DC comics, the Legion of Doom has been one of the principal opponents of the Justice league. But again, DC comic book canon and DC Legends of Tomorrow canon are not necessarily going to be the same.

So instead of a Legion of Doom led by Lex Luther facing off against Superman – and his friends – we seem to be getting a version in which Reverse-Flash from The Flash uses his time travel capabilities to organize his own gang of bad guys, including Damien Dark from Arrow.

The Justice Society of America

In the Golden age of DC comics, the Justice League didn't exist. Instead, there was the Justice Society of America. At the time, it included Superman, Batman, the Flash, Wonder Woman, etc. But later it was revamped with a lot of secondary characters like Citizen Steel, Stargirl, and Sandman when DC moved the heavy hitters to the Justice League.

The Justice Society in the comic books is often shown existing in the past, and the previews for Legends of Tomorrow seem to match this part of DC canon. Seeing a crossover in which the characters from the CW's current DC shows interact with all of the older Justice Society characters could be the most epic thing in the history of epic things.

The DC Legends of Tomorrow series in the new season is going to integrate more fully into the rest of the CW superhero universe. Even though last season had Green Arrow and the Flash sending the Legends of Tomorrow off on their maiden voyage, this season will see them – as well as Supergirl hopefully – playing a big part in the adventures of Rip Hunter and his dauntless crew.

[Featured Image by The CW]