‘House of Cards’ Season 5 Spoilers: Frank Underwood To Die At The Hand Of His Wife? Mahershala Ali Exiting The Show

Netflix’s hit show, House of Cards, is slated to return to the big screen in 2017 for Season 5. Speculations are already rife about the character who will be coming back and those who will exit the show for the fifth installment. Latest reports suggest that actor Mahershala Ali, who plays the role of Remy Danton, will not return, and at the same time, Frank Underwood (Kevin Space) might die in the upcoming season.

There are controversies on who will actually kill Frank Underwood. Some sources claim that his wife Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) will kill her husband to claim his presidential seat. Others have it that Claire will plot with Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly), who is also a likely candidate for the presidential seat, giving him enough reasons to kill Frank.

In the event Claire and Doug collaborate to kill Frank, the chances are that the latter will become the new vice president in House of Cards Season 5 while the former will become the new president. Claire will work against her husband in the upcoming installment, making fans believe that she will do everything to make sure that Frank is dead.

The most likely move would be for Claire to connive with Doug Stamper to get rid of the president in House of Cards Season 5. In case Stamper falls into Claire’s trap, he will indeed join her in the scheme of killing Frank.

On the other hand, CNN reported that it would be unlikely for Doug to turn against Frank since he is a trusted friend to the president. Doug even killed for the president.

Concerning those who will not be coming back for Season 5, sources have it that beside Mahershala, creator Beau Willimon will not return to Netflix’s series. Mahershala will reportedly be occupied with other projects including Moonlight and Free State of Jones.

In fact, Mahershala Ali himself revealed that he would not be coming back to House of Cards for Season 5 in 2017 when he was promoting his most recent Netflix show, Luke Cage. The actor has played Remy Danton for the first four seasons of the series, and he was regarded by many fans as an iconic part of House of Cards. Remy left politics in Season 4 after realizing that he had grown tired of it.

In an interview with the Independent, Mahershala said that House of Cards had opened opportunities for him, and therefore, he was grateful. Now that he was no longer part of the show after he completed his last season and finished his contract, he could utilize the chances he had been given. However, fans will still meet Mahershala since he has a starring role in Future Relic Moonlight and Matthew McConaughy’s Free State of Jones.

The actor as well gave his perspective on the changing racial diversity in films since his early days. Ali openly pointed out that he had not grown up watching people of his color on TV and in case he did, it was always the person being just a support to the main character as opposed to being the protagonist.

Mahershala considered the problem of racial diversity frustrating since in one way or another, it seemed “like you don’t exist.” The actor went ahead and acknowledged how this is changing gradually in new films and series being created.

Meanwhile, House of Cards has been nominated several times for the Emmys, in addition to garnering good viewership. Season 5 is worth looking forward to since it will bring more intriguing revelations when it debuts in 2017. Stay tuned for more update on House of Cards Season 5.

[Featured Image by Leigh Vogel/Getty Images for Netflix]