Khloé Kardashian A Homewrecker? Her New Man Tristan Thompson Expecting A Baby With Another Woman

Khloé Kardashian has hit a snag in her romance with Tristan Thompson.

Their relationship is only a few months old and the reality star’s newest boyfriend is about to have a baby with his ex-girlfriend, Jordy C. Is Kardashian a homewrecker now?

Us Magazine is reporting that Kardashian and Thompson have only been together for two months and she didn’t know about the pregnancy until now.

“Tristan told Khloé about the baby,” an insider revealed. “He’s happy about it.”

Apparently, Kardashian wasn’t hurt by the news and just wants to avoid drama.

“Khloé’s having fun with him right now and just doesn’t want any drama,” the source shared.

As fans will recall, Kardashian was formerly married to NBA star Lamar Odom. The couple wed in 2009 but ended their marriage last year.

Tristan Thompson [Image by Dave Mangels/Getty Images]

Thompson’s ex-girlfriend, Jordy C, is a model and is expecting a boy next month.

Jordy held a baby shower this past weekend and shared a few photos of the event on Instagram.

“Although watching and feeling you grow everyday has made my pregnancy such an unforgettable, magical experience..words cannot express how anxious and excited I am to finally meet you! Mommy loves you so much! Muah-Muah-Muah!!!!” she wrote alongside the image.

While Jordy celebrated the birth of her baby boy, Thompson flew Kardashian out to Ohio to attend a baseball game.

Kardashian also made an appearance for Thompson’s preseason game for the Cleveland Cavaliers on Saturday.

Khloé Kardashian was first linked to Thompson in September after they were spotted on a getaway in Cabo San Lucas.

Eyewitnesses reported that they “were very flirty and laughing a lot” during the trip.

They later made their relationship official via Snapchat.

Meanwhile, Radar Online is reporting that Thompson is denying that Jordy’s baby is his.

“Tristan told Khloé that it is not his child,” an insider told the outlet. “She wants to believe him, of course. But she is obviously very skeptical about the whole situation.”

Kris Jenner is also skeptical about Thompson’s story and doesn’t believe a word he says.

“Kris tried to get to the bottom of this by contacting Jordy. She just wanted to get some answers,” the insider added. “But when Khloé found out what Kris did she flipped and told her to stay out of it.”
Kardashian has a history of dealing with infidelity.

As Keeping Up With the Kardashians fans are well aware, Kardashian went through a troubling time in her first marriage after she caught Odom cheating and smoking crack.

“Khloé told her sisters that she would never want to be a homewrecker because she knows how it feels to be cheated on,” the source stated. “She doesn’t want any woman to have to go through what she went through with Lamar.”

According to Hollywood Life, Kardashian only wants Thompson to be honest with her, even if it means coming clean about the baby.

“Khloé is loyal to a fault and she demands the exact same. That said, she’s asking Tristan to keep everything in his life 100 with her so she can know what the deal is,” a source explained.

“She likes Tristan, she really does. He’s pretty much swept her off her feet this past month. But she needs truth and honesty. That’s more important to her than money, sex, and a good pair of Giuseppe’s.”

While Kardashian deals with the rumors about her relationship, E! Online reports that she finally opened up about Kim Kardashian’s robbery in Paris last week.

“I mean, she’s not doing that well. I mean, it’s incredibly traumatic what happened to her, but our family is super close and great and we’ll get through it together, and we do appreciate all of your guys’ love and support and it will take time,” she told Ellen DeGeneres.

Tell us! Do you think Tristan Thompson left Jordy C. for Khloé Kardashian? Let us know in the comments and check out her interview with Ellen below.

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