Kelly Dodd Defends Her Jewish Comment Which Turned Into A Racist Attack

Kelly Dodd may be new to reality television and The Real Housewives of Orange County, but she isn’t trying to change who she is to get attention from people. In fact, Kelly seems to be doing a great job getting attention for her bad behavior. Some of her co-stars, including Heather Dubrow, are completely embarrassed by even being together with her in public and this trip to Ireland was no exception. During a pub crawl, Kelly decided to defend herself after her co-stars were mad at her for flicking their noses.

According to a new Bravo report, Kelly Dodd is now revealing that she didn’t mean anything rude or harsh when she told Dubrow that she wished she had more of a Jewish sense of humor. Dodd was quickly labeled as racist, but she didn’t see this one bit. In fact, she tried to explain that she was actually just making a reference to people she knew who were Jewish and the comment wasn’t meant to be rude or harsh.

“Then, as usual, Heather tried to take charge and confront me. In all my dealings with Heather she never seems to get my humor. When I said that I thought Heather would have a better sense of humor because she’s Jewish, it was because my frame of reference at the time was my Jewish family and friends (all of who have a great sense of humor), and the multitude of famous Jewish comedians and comedy writers that I love. I am sure I offended Heather and a lot of Jewish viewers and for that I am truly sorry. I meant it was a compliment, not an insult,” Kelly Dodd revealed on her Bravo blog for The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Some people felt that the comment was racist, as she was labeling a group of people. But Kelly pointed out that commenting on Jewish people isn’t racist. In fact, religion has nothing to do with race. Some of the wives accepted this explanation, but Twitter exploded as people had plenty of thoughts and opinions about her comments. But Kelly Dodd was upset that Tamra Judge and Dubrow took things even further, as her innocent nose flicking turned into accusations that she was doing things behind the wives’ back, including looking into Dubrow’s finances.


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“Tamra and Heather told me that my silly kids joke took it to another level. Tamra started saying how she was always defending me and had kept my “secrets”. I guess to stir the pot she claimed that I told her I had looked into Heather’s finances, but had kept that secret from Heather. That was absolutely a lie. You saw my reaction. Righteous indignation!!! How dare she create such a bold face lie to cause problems between Heather and I?” Kelly Dodd explains on her blog, sharing that the comment that she had looked into Dubrow’s loans was a lie.

On the show, Dodd explained that she hadn’t actually gone looking into Dubrow’s finances, but had been told by a friend that the couple had taken out a loan a few years ago to build their home. This isn’t the home they just finished building. Dubrow was shocked and she revealed on Twitter that she would address this issue on the reunion special. While Dodd denied doing anything wrong, one can imagine that Dubrow doesn’t appreciate her personal business being shared on national television, especially since they are building a multi-million dollar home.

What do you think of Kelly Dodd’s comments about Jewish people? Are you surprised that people took the comment so personally?

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