Billy Bush’s Permanent Departure From ‘Today’ Is Imminent Over Leaked Trump Tape, ‘He’s Definitely Gone’

Billy Bush’s days on Today might be at an end.

Following his controversial tape scandal with Donald Trump, the host might not return to his spot on the NBC’s morning show. Is Bush’s career on television over?

“He’s definitely gone. A lot of people feel so bad for him. He’s a good guy. He made a mistake, but he’s a genuinely good guy,” an insider told Us Magazine. “They don’t see any way he can go back on morning TV after this.”

The incriminating audio was taped back in 2005 and featured Bush and Trump talking about women in a vulgar manner.

Trump is heard telling Bush that he failed to “f**k” a married woman while they waited to film an episode of Access Hollywood.

Donald Trump, Billy Bush, and Arianne Zucker in a screenshot from the 2005 'Access Hollywood' segment that got Bush fired from 'The Today Show.' [Image by NBC Universal]

The two men were unaware that their conversation was being recorded.

“Obviously I’m embarrassed and ashamed,” Bush said after the audio leaked. “It’s no excuse, but this happened 11 years ago — I was younger, less mature, and acted foolishly in playing along. I’m very sorry.”

Despite Bush’s apology, NBC executive decided to suspend him indefinitely from Today.

“We want to note one other thing. Pending further review of the matter, NBC News has suspended Billy Bush as the host of Today’s third hour for his role in that conversation with Donald Trump,” host Savannah Guthrie explained to fans this week.

With his future on Today uncertain, Bush has been spending a lot of time with his family in Los Angeles.

He was even spotted on a lunch date with his daughter, Josie, this past Monday.

“Billy was devastated and crying when the leaked tape of him with Donald Trump in 2005 was first leaked to The Washington Post,” an insider revealed. “He was crying that his career was over.”

By the sound of things, Billy Bush’s exit from Today is right around the corner.

According to NY Times, the TV host is currently negotiating how to handle his departure, which is expected to be announced in the coming days.

Bush joined the Today team this past summer and made headlines when he landed the breaking story of Ryan Lochte’s fabricated hold up in Rio.

Bush was the first to interview the Olympian after he claimed that he was robbed at gunpoint.

After news broke that Lochte was lying about the incident, Bush hesitated to denounce him.

Billy Bush's Twitter Account Shut Down Following Leaked Vulgar Conversation With Donald Trump

In fact, Bush told viewers on Today that Lochte had only “lied about some details” and appeared to support the swimmer’s version of the story.

Al Roker, however, quickly interjected and slammed Lochte for lying.

“Billy, not some details,” Roker said. “He lied.”

Although Bush’s fate appears sealed, several Access Hollywood reports have voiced their support for Bush.

“The Billy that I know — and a lot of people would say this — has the biggest heart of anybody and he is a good person,” Kit Hoover shared.

Despite the support, a source told Fox News that Bush’s days on Today are numbered.

“He is technically fired. It’s just a matter of time. NBC isn’t ready to announce it yet. They are negotiating his exit,” the insider revealed.

Apparently, NBC is waiting to announce Bush’s departure because they don’t want it to blow up in their face like the Ann Curry situation.

“Billy is done. He is out, but they don’t want to announce anything yet because NBC was burned by the Ann Curry debacle and they are trying to figure out how to do this,” the source added. “They don’t have any incentive to announce this immediately. Each day that goes by it gets easier.”

Of course, there is also the possibility that more of the audio will be released in the coming weeks, which would only make the situation worse for Bush and Trump.

Tell us! Do you think Billy Bush should be fired for his behavior in the leaked tapes? Let us know in the comments and you can listen to the audio below. (Warning: Graphic Language)

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