Police: 13-Year-Old Florida Girl Abducted While Waiting On School Bus, Later Raped

Authorities in Florida have arrested a 20-year-old man, Pascual Efrain Perez-Perez, for allegedly raping a 13-year-old girl at his Westgate apartment home after abducting her from a school bus stop.

According to the Palm Beach Post, on the morning of May 20, a girl – whose name has not been released – left her home and began walking to the bus stop.

Before the school bus arrived, Perez-Perez reportedly approached the girl from behind and placed a cloth over her nose before placing her inside of his black Toyota Corolla.

The teen told police officials that the last thing she remembers was kicking Perez-Perez “between the legs” before passing out.


When she awoke, she was inside of an apartment home, lying on a bed without a shirt. Her hands were tied together in front of her.

In a report, detectives wrote, “He told her that her mother was looking for her but he would not tell her mother where she was. He told her if she left the room he would hurt her.”

Afterward, Perez-Perez allegedly “raped the girl three times while she was conscious,” and each time, she pleaded for him to stop, biting his forearm and his upper back.

“He responded by slapping” his victim and threatening to kill her and her family if she didn’t comply. After the alleged rape, Perez-Perez left the house, and his victim was able to call 911.

Details leading up the teen girl’s escape was not immediately available, but it was reported that DNA evidence later linked Perez-Perez to the crime.

Police were able to make an immediate arrest, as CBS 12 reported that “he fled to Tampa.”

However, on September 30, the sheriff’s office tactical team located the suspect, who was “living with his brother and working for a landscaping company,” and was able to arrest him on charges of kidnapping and sexual assault.

During an interview with police, Perez-Perez denied the kidnapping and rape allegations, claiming that he was in a relationship with the teen and her parents did not approve of it.

On the morning of the alleged rape, Perez-Perez stated that he did not abduct the teen. He added that she was willing to go to his home, where he said the pair had consensual sex.

It was later uncovered that Perez-Perez was no stranger to the girl, as she informed investigators that she had seen him once before when he came to her house to “purchase food.”

It was not immediately clear if the teen was questioned about having a relationship with her accused rapist.


After learning a 13-year-old girl was abducted and raped while waiting for the school bus, it stunned the community, including social media users.

In a Facebook post, Lori Chapman-Stinnett wrote, “No protective custody for this piece of s***. Put him in general population and let inmates take the trash out. Why does this guy have so many names? I hope they check his legal status. If not legal, deport this piece of s***.”

Dalba Nunez wrote, “There are so many people like him free in the streets and nobody does anything about it. Some of them were just sent back to their countries and a few months later they are back like nothing happened.”

“If you reported them to ICE where does that report go? Does anyone follow up on it?”

Angel Watts on Facebook suggested that children should be accompanied by adults while waiting for their school bus to arrive.

“Or parents can drop them off and watch them walk in because it’s happening a lot,” Watts added. “We can’t leave our child alone anymore. It’s too many monsters out here, people.”

Perez-Perez is being held at a Palm Beach county jail without bond.

An investigation is underway.

[Featured Image by Martin Dimitrov/iStock]