Putin’s Mouth-Piece ‘Russia’s Trump,’ Warns Americans To Vote Donald Trump Or Risk Nuclear War With Russia

A Russian ultra-nationalist ally of President Vladimir Putin of Russia, who has often compared himself with Donald Trump, has warned Americans to vote for the Republican presidential candidate or risk nuclear war with Russia if the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton becomes president.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, member of the State Duma, the Russian lower house of parliament, who unabashedly touts his alleged similarities with Trump and has suggested he might take a DNA test to see if he has blood relationship with American estate mogul, told Reuters that only Trump is able to de-escalate the dangerously rising tensions between Russia and the U.S. that could lead to World War III.

Zhirinovsky, member of the pro-Kremlin Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR), known for his attention-seeking flamboyance, clownish ways, and fiery nationalist political rhetoric, has gained notoriety in national politics as Putin’s mouth-piece. It is alleged that he is often used by the Kremlin to float radical ideas to test public reaction.

He recently received a top state award from the Russian President.

“If [Americans] vote for Hillary it is war. There will be Hiroshimas and Nagasakis everywhere.”

Putin and Vladimir Zhirinovsky
President Vladimir Putin of Russia presents a medal to controversial Russian lawmaker Vladimir Zhirinovsky [Image by Ivan Sekretarev/AP Photo]

Zhirinovsky argued in the interview with Reuters that general election victory for the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton would raise the risk of World War III dangerously because of Clinton’s hawkish foreign-policy leanings.

“Relations between Russia and the United States can’t get any worse,” he told Reuters during the interview in his office at the Duma headquarters in Moscow. “The only way they can get worse is if a war starts.”

“Americans voting for a president on Nov. 8 must realize that they are voting for peace on Planet Earth if they vote for Trump,” he added.

“[A vote for Trump] is vote for peace on Planet Earth.”

His latest comments come at a time of deteriorating relations between Russia, the U.S. and its key Western allies, first over Ukraine and now Syria. Relations between Washington and Moscow deteriorated further recently after the Obama administration formally accused Russia of sponsoring cyber warfare against the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and other Democratic Party groups, including the Hillary Clinton campaign.

The Obama administration also accused Russia of covert intervention in the U.S. presidential election in favor of the Republican candidate Donald Trump, The Inquisitr reported.

But Russian officials have dismissed and denied the accusations.

Zhirinovsky is well-known to Western state officials as the Russian ultra-nationalist member of the Russian parliament who often engages in vitriolic verbal attacks against the West and its institutions.

Russian nationalists, according to Reuters, disparage Western liberalism with its emphasis on political correctness as the cause of the moral decadence of the West.

“If Hillary Clinton wins it will be the last U.S. president ever.”

Zhirinovsky’s self-comparison with Donald Trump is based on his frequent fiery anti-Muslim, anti-foreigner, misogynistic and ultra-nationalist rhetoric.

He once suggested using a barbed wire to fence off the Muslim-majority areas of southern Russia.

His fiery xenophobic and nationalist rhetoric has endeared him to Russia’s working class, the same class of people who are the mainstay of Donald Trump’s political support in the U.S., following the GOP presidential candidate’s promise to ban Muslim immigration and to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Zhirinovsky openly touts his alleged similarity and links with Trump. He claims proudly to have met him in New York in 2002, according to Reuters. He once announced that he was considering taking a DNA test to see if he had a blood relationship with Trump.

“You can’t take the risk of having one of the richest, most powerful countries led by a woman president.”

Vladimir Zhirinovsky at a market
Controversial Russian lawmaker Vladimir Zhirinovsky visits a market in Moscow, Russia [Image by Pavel Golovkin/AP Photo]

He has also said that he looks forward to meeting Trump as U.S. president and having a good relationship with him.

His detractors note that he also claimed to have had close relations with former Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein and Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

Analysts believe that Zhirinovsky’s latest comments are part of recent efforts by the Kremlin to persuade Americans to vote for Trump by suggesting that victory for Clinton means war with Russia.

“Hillary Clinton is dangerous. She could start a nuclear war.”

Putin and Zhirinovsky
President Vladimir Putin of Russia shakes hand with Vladimir Zhirinovsky [Image by Mikhail Klimentyev/RIA Novosti Kremlin/Presidential Press Service/AP Photo]

According to analysts, Putin’s recent “order” that all state officials and employees should fly their relatives and children living, working or studying in Western countries back home was part of efforts by the Kremlin to send a message to American voters that a Clinton victory at the presidential election also means war with Russia.

The Kremlin has made very little effort to hide its preference for Trump’s candidacy. Putin has openly praised Trump as “talented.” Trump also returned the compliment when he said that Putin was a better world leader that Barack Obama.


Trump has signaled to Russia that his administration would be more accommodating than Obama’s or Clinton’s over Syria and Ukraine. Trump has dropped a hint that his administration would consider recognizing Russia’s 2014 annexation of Crimea.

Trump has also suggested that as president he would review the role of the U.S. in NATO.

Analysts say that Trump’s apparent position on U.S. role in NATO has done a lot to endear the Kremlin to Trump.

Voicing the perspective of the Kremlin, Zhirinovsky said he was optimistic of peace between Russia and the U.S. under Trump.

“He (Trump) won’t care about Syria, Libya and Iraq and why an earth should America interfere in these countries?” Zhirinovsky said. “And Ukraine — who needs Ukraine?”

“Trump will have a brilliant chance to make relations more peaceful,” he continued, touting Trump for a Nobel Peace Prize. “He’s the only one who can do this,”

He attacked Clinton, describing her as an “evil mother-in-law,” and argued that her record as secretary of state was sufficient to disqualify her from seeking the position of U.S. president.

He also argued that Clinton was not fit to be president because she is a woman.

“She craves power,” he declared. “Her view is that Hillary is the most important person on the planet and that America is an exceptional country, as Barack Obama said. That’s dangerous. She could start a nuclear war.”

“Most Americans should choose Trump because men have been leading for millions of years,” he added quaintly.

“Victory for Trump would be a gift to humanity. But if Hillary Clinton wins it will be the last U.S. president ever,” he concluded ominously.

[Featured Image by Ivan Sekretarev/AP Photo]