‘Sister Wives’ Turning On Each Other, TLC Show Falling Apart

Right now, the show Sister Wives isn’t airing on TLC, but fans are hopeful that it will be back soon. TLC has not officially said it would be returning, but they didn’t report canceling the show either. Everyone really enjoys watching Kody Brown and his four wives on the reality series. Now Life & Style is sharing the news that Kody Brown’s wives are starting to turn on each other. The show has been on for six years now, but if the wives can’t get along, it could be the end.

An insider is speaking out about Sister Wives, and things don’t sound very good for the Brown family right now. The source said, “The series has nothing to say anymore. So TLC was talking about replacing it.” The insider didn’t stop there, though. They went on to say, “With the show in trouble, they’re all feeling desperate right now, but instead of bonding, the wives are fighting over whose fault it is.” Meri Brown did a great job of bringing drama last season, but all of the women didn’t have huge story lines. If they are turning on each other, that won’t make for a great home life, but it will make for great drama on Sister Wives.


Kody Brown has four wives, but last season on Sister Wives, there was a lot of drama involved with these women. Meri Brown was catfished by a woman who was pretending to be a man. She had really strong feelings for this person, but it never went any further than that according to Meri.

The Inquisitr shared recently that Meri Brown is allegedly dating a man from Hawaii. Meri is no longer legally married to Kody Brown, but she is still spiritually married to him. Last season, she made it pretty clear that she wasn’t sure she wanted to be in the family anymore, but Meri also said she wasn’t leaving. If she has found a new man, then Meri Brown might be moving on from the family. The source for this article said, “She’s always gone now. She’s always traveling. Meri has wanted to leave for the past year and a half. She’s done.” It is unknown if the same insider is speaking out about the wives turning on each other and Meri’s new man.

Radar Online shared not long ago that all four of Kody Brown’s wives want out. If these rumors are all true, it will be hard for the show Sister Wives to come back. It is being shared that Kody Brown is actually looking for wife number five and six right now. If this is the case, then you know that the wives he has now are not going to be happy about it. This is enough reason for the entire show and the Brown family to fall apart. Can you imagine the child support that Kody Brown would have to pay on that many children?


Hopefully, word will come out straight from the Brown family soon about what is really going on with them. The viewers are hoping for another season to at least let the fans see the truth is about how this family is doing. Of course, when it comes to being on a reality show, they only have to let the viewers see what they want them to see and can keep some things a secret still.

Are you shocked to hear that the Brown women from Sister Wives are not getting along right now? Do you feel like Sister Wives should come back for another season on TLC? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and hopefully, news comes out soon about Sister Wives returning to TLC.

[Featured Image By Ethan Miller/Getty Images]