Is Jaden Smith A Vampire? He Seems To Think So, And It Could Explain Why The Internet Can’t Kill Him [Video]

The internet has had Jaden Smith in its crosshairs for months now. Since the beginning of the summer, stories of the superstar teen’s death by suicide have plagued social media, celebrity gossip sites, and even legitimate media outlets. Every other week, a new report of Jaden Smith’s death seemed to gain traction, each with more details than the last, the majority citing either relationship drama or his dubious sexuality as the reason that Jaden decided to end his own life.

For a while, there were rumors of a suicide video, featuring Jaden Smith’s tearful goodbye to his dad, Will Smith. The Smith family even reportedly got condolences for their loss as the world was constantly left wondering whether Jaden was dead or alive.

Now, some interesting new news about Jaden Smith has come to light. As DJ Booth reports, Jaden Smith reportedly believes himself to be a vampire. You read that right. Jaden Smith seems to think he’s a vampire, and he’s taking his vampirism pretty seriously, too. So serious, in fact, that young Jaden spoke of being a vampire during an interview with a prestigious international fashion magazine, Numero.

“During a period of my life, I was Gothic. I was only wearing black and I was hiding from the sun because I was a vampire. I was a vampire, for real. Now I’m out of this phase. I open myself to the fact wear more colorful things, to go out in daylight. I share much more mixed energy.”

In the interview, Jaden Smith was asked directly what he meant by being a vampire. This is how it went down.

“How are you, a vampire? What do you mean?

I was a vampire, for real.”

A vampire. For real.

If that’s indeed the case, it could go a long way toward explaining Jaden Smith’s repeated deaths over the last few months, and how he manages to bounce back from each one seemingly healthier and more successful than he was before. The repeated deaths make little sense when you’re talking about Jaden Smith, human being. However, the repeated deaths of Jaden Smith the vampire kind of add up.

Of course, it’s highly unlikely that Jaden Smith is actually a blood-sucking demon of the night, but he’s definitely not the first celebrity who has either labeled themselves as being one of the undead or been called a vampire by the public. Remember Nicolas Cage and the centuries-old photograph of a man who looks eerily similar to him?

Indeed, does Mr. Cage look any older now than he did 20 years ago? You be the judge.

Whether or not Jaden Smith is actually a vampire, just a figurative vampire, or simply an 18-year-old celebrity with weird ideas about his own existence, he’s been doing a lot with his life lately. A lot of good things are garnering Jaden a whole lot of attention the world over. Recently, as Teen Vogue reports, Jaden Smith officially launched his reasonably priced (99 cents per bottle) and possibly world-changing alternative to bottled water. Called JUST Water, it is ecologically friendly, individual-serving water packaged in a paper box rather than a plastic bottle.

Jaden Smith’s new boxed water has the potential of putting a serious dent in the trash problems caused by traditional bottled water, and a lot of people are noticing that the teen is diligently working to do his part to save the planet. Could it be because he’s a vampire and is planning on being around for a long time? Not likely, but it is resulting in Jaden Smith receiving a lot of positive press. He was recently even honored at Variety’s Power of Young Hollywood event, giving a rousing speech to his adoring fans.

Jaden Smith’s career is doing spectacularly well, too. Especially for a child star who just turned 18. As most of us know, this is about the time that many child stars start to careen alarmingly off the rails. But not Jaden. He’s involved in some high-profile modeling projects, including being the front-man for Louis Vuitton’s women’s fashion, working on an album, collaborating with superstar musical artists, starring in The Get Down on Netflix, and designing his gender-bending clothing line, MSFTSrep.

In fact, for a self-proclaimed vampire, Jaden Smith’s public persona is relatively mundane — for a guy who wears dresses and who is striving to make it socially acceptable for any other guy to do the same, if that’s what they choose. Some of his “worst” behavior can be boiled down to shooting out some cryptic tweets and freaking out haters and bigots.

So, what do you think? Is Jaden Smith a “for real” vampire like he claims, or something else entirely?

[Featured Image by Richard Shotwell/AP Images]