A Guy Dressed As Batman Is Now Battling The Creepy Stalker Clowns In One City – Copycats To Follow?

The world has become overrun by clowns who are tormenting people, scaring them, and even hurting them. No one quite knows why these clowns are doing what they’re doing or who they are, but the craze seems to be multiplying and not going away. One city in the United Kingdom has finally found someone who is willing to help them, and it is a real-life hero who is dressing up as Batman and taking on the clowns.

Yes, Batman is walking the streets of Cumbria to defeat the evil clowns terrorizing the city.

As reported by AOL, a large number of clown-related incidents have been reported this month and they have varied from almost innocent to extreme. Many children have been left frightened beyond belief and are finding it hard to sleep at night due to the clowns.

That is why a local costume shop known as Cumbria Superheroes decided to step in and take action to help the children and residents of the city. A man dressed in a Batman costume has been going out and around to chase the clowns and let children know that the streets are safe.

Not only has Batman taken to the streets to defeat the evil clowns, but the Facebook page for the costume company has joined in on the fight. Batman has been posting videos to let citizens know that the streets are safe and clowns really aren’t evil, but there are a few bad ones in every bunch.

The Telegraph has been warning citizens against dressing like clowns in order to intimidate and frighten or harm people. The police say that there have been a number of incidents over the last few weeks and it is making a lot of people feel very unsettled.

There was one British police force who had to deal with 14 different clown-related situations in a period of just 24 hours. Nigel Adams is the Tory MP for Selby and Ainsty, and he said that people are simply taking movies too seriously.

“Hollywood has taken a sinister turn with its interpretation of the clown in recent years and if this is in turn coming onto our streets, where people are dressing up to intimidate members of the public, then clearly this needs some thought.”

While they are happy that residents can feel a bit more at ease thanks to the Batman patrolling the streets, the police don’t want to endanger the life of anyone. Some of the clowns have been known to harm people or even pull weapons on them and the vigilantes seeking justice could put their own lives in danger.

That being said, the police don’t want copycats thinking it is alright to take on criminals without the help of the proper authorities.

Still, Batman has been bringing a bit of peace and calmness to citizens who say the clowns are making them fearful to even go outside. With the presence of the Caped Crusader chasing the clowns down, children are feeling safe once again and even thanking the hero via the BBC Cumbria Facebook page.

“Hi Batman my name is (name withheld)”

“I have been scared of this clown situation (school told us about it yesterday).. I seen on my mammy fb that u caught the clown this means I can go to school and not be scared thank you for your efforts… my mam says you might be at whitehaven xmas light switch on… do u have a bat mobile… I hope your their so I can see you and your mobile. Love (name withheld)”

The craze going around that has clowns tormenting people in different cities around the world is one that really isn’t easy to understand. It’s also not easy to fight as people can’t be arrested for just standing around and being creepy. Luckily, the people in Cumbria have Batman coming to their rescue, but police certainly don’t want vigilante justice taking place and now, there is fear that copycats could follow his lead.

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