Indiana Mom Amber Pasztor Killed Kids So ‘They Could Go To Heaven’ [Video]

Indiana mom Amber Pasztor rose to national infamy on September 26. That’s when the non-custodial mom reportedly abducted her two children, 7-year-old Liliana Hernandez and 6-year-old Rene Pasztor, from their custodial grandparents’ home. An Amber Alert was quickly issued for 29-year-old Amber Pasztor, her kids, and Amber’s 65-year-old neighbor, Frank Macomber.

Initially, police were entertaining the theory that Amber Pasztor and Frank Macomber had worked together to abduct the children in his vehicle. Later, however, law enforcement would discover that the truth was much more disturbing. Macomber’s dead body would ultimately be found in a wooded area near his and Indiana mom Amber Pasztor’s homes. He had been shot to death.


Amber Pasztor would later admit to murdering her neighbor and stealing his car in a jailhouse interview, reports IndyStar. The Indiana mom used that vehicle to drive away with her children and ultimately do the unthinkable. According to the same jailhouse interview, Amber Pasztor has admitted to murdering her two young children, despite having pleaded not-guilty to the first-degree murder charges that have been filed against her.

On September 26, mere hours after kidnapping her children, Indiana mom Amber Pasztor drove her dead neighbor’s stolen car to the Elkhart Police Department. She then made contact with an off-duty police officer and identified herself as the subject of an Indiana Amber Alert. She told the officer that her children were in the vehicle.


When that police officer looked inside the car, he found both children dead in the backseat. While she was being interrogated by police, Amber Pasztor admitted to smothering 7-year-old Liliana Hernandez and 6-year-old Rene Pasztor to death with her bare hands. She was immediately booked into the Elkhart County Jail.

Sometime later that afternoon, police located the body of her neighbor. It is unknown whether or not Indiana mom Amber Pasztor directed investigators to where he was found.


In the immediate aftermath of the brutal murders, police, the public and Amber Pasztor’s family and friends wanted to know just one thing. Why? What on earth would possess a mother to abduct her children from a safe, stable and loving home and then murder them in cold blood? In her recent jailhouse interview (which was conducted by local news channel WANE 15), Indiana mom Amber Pasztor finally gave the world an answer.

In the interview, Amber Pasztor admitted to murdering her neighbor Frank Macomber. She said that she had promised to have sex with him if he would go camping with her; she then shot him and stole his vehicle, dumping his body in the woods near their homes.

As for her children’s brutal murders, Indiana mom Amber Pasztor claims that the Amber Alert issued in their case pressured her into taking their lives, adding that she murdered their children so that they could “go to heaven and meet God.” According to Pasztor, the children “chose” to go to heaven.

“I gave them a choice. They can live traumatized like their mom, or they can go to heaven with God and be better off.”


Amber Pasztor said that she didn’t “have the heart” to shoot her children like she had shot and killed her neighbor, so she smothered them one by one in the backseat of the stolen car. In her recent interview, the Indiana mom says that she killed her daughter first. After the 7-year-old chose to go to heaven.

“My daughter said she would kill herself first before somebody hurt her.”


While her 6-year-old son looked on, Pasztor suffocated her daughter with her bare hands. Then, she says it was her son’s turn. In her interview, Amber Pasztor said that little Rene wanted to “go with” his sister, Liliana.

“Yeah, he wanted to go with her.”

The Indiana mom also admitted that both children struggled as they were being smothered. A little bit.

Amber Pasztor is currently being held without bail at the Elkhart County Jail on two charges of first-degree murder in connection with the deaths of her children. She has not yet been charged with the murder of her neighbor. Despite publicly admitting her guilt in a jailhouse interview that will most likely be admissible in her trial, the Indiana mom has pleaded not guilty.


It is possible that Amber Pasztor’s lawyer, an Elkhart County public defender, will opt for an insanity defense in her case, however at this time no motions have been filed with the court that indicate an intention to plead insanity.

“It almost forces the defense to go with insanity.”

A trial date for Indiana mom Amber Pasztor has been scheduled for January 23, 2017; prosecutors have indicated that they are considering the death penalty in the case.

[Featured Image by Elkhart County Sheriff’s Department]