Maine Lawmaker Scott Hamann Calls President Trump A 'P***y' In Allegedly Threatening Facebook Rant

Maine Democrat Scott Hamann declared in the closing of a lengthy, now-deleted Facebook post that "Trump is a half term president, at most, especially if I ever get within 10 feet of that p***y."

The U.S. Secret Service told the Portland Press Herald that the agency is looking into the matter, a rant which has sparked outrage on Twitter over what many President Trump fans consider a physical threat against the commander-in-chief.

Threatening the president is a crime, The Hill noted.

Social media users screen-captured the Facebook post before it disappeared.

Republicans have called on Hamann, a state representative from the Portland area, to resign from the legislature. The state Democratic Party has disavowed his comments, but without calling for him to step down. House Speaker Sara Gideon, a Democrat, is on vacation and has yet to respond to the Hamann controversy or what disciplinary action may or may not occur.

Rep. Hamann has since issued an apology about the expletive-filled Facebook post, which also dissed Trump supporters by claiming that "Trump is a joke, and anyone who doesn't have their head up their a** understands that...100% of intelligent Americans agree that Trump is a complete loser," while also claiming that the Obama administration was scandal free.

Hamann is serving his third term in the Maine House representing south Portland and is a member of the Health and Human Services Committee.

Hamann's prepared statement of apology read as follows.

"I regret my impulsive decision to post something aggressively sarcastic and inappropriate in a Facebook exchange with a childhood friend. While the tone of the post was born out of frustration with the vile language currently surrounding politics, I should not have responded with the same language. This is not language I typically use, it does not reflect my personal values, and while misguided, it was intended to make a visceral point about the devolving political discourse in America."
Recall that actor Johnny Depp got in hot water when he "joked" about a Trump assassination at the Glastonbury Festival in Somerset, England, last month. He subsequently apologized.

Separately last month, in another example of inflammatory rhetoric, a Nebraska Democratic Party official was fired from his post after being caught on tape saying that he was glad that U.S. Rep. Steve Scalise was shot and that he wished he was dead, the Washington Free Beacon reported. A Bernie Sanders supporter shot Scalise (and attempted to gun down other GOP elected officials and staffers present) on an Alexandria, Virginia, baseball field on June 14. Two Capitol police officers on the Scalise security detail prevented what could have been a mass casualty situation when they neutralized the attacker. After multiple surgeries, Scalise is still recovering at a D.C. hospital. The Nebraska official subsequently claimed that his remarks were taken out of context.

The controversy over the Scott Hamann Facebook post about President Trump is a developing story. Watch this space for updates.

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