Singer Jewel Kilcher And Son Visit Family From ‘Alaska: The Last Frontier’ On A Challenging New Season

Most fans of Alaska: The Last Frontier are now aware that singer, songwriter, and actress Jewel is a part of the Kilcher clan. Although she has never made an appearance until this season on the show, she did contribute by singing with her father, Atz Kilcher, on the show’s popular theme song. After almost seven years away from the Kilcher homestead, this summer Jewel returned with her 4-year-old son, Kase. She wanted to give her son a taste of how she grew up, and they spent a lot of time horseback riding, bear watching, fishing, and more.

Before Jewel’s return on Alaska: The Last Frontier, the family must deal with the aftermath of a frightening 7.1 magnitude earthquake. Besides rattling nerves, the earthquake left behind widespread damage including dangerous landslides and muddy road collapses. The Kilcher family scrambled to recover and according to Red Carpet Crash, with their way of life at risk, the family pulls together in order to adapt and overcome.

Over the years Mother Nature has continued to throw new challenges their way, such as unusually warm winters, sporadic wildfires, and having to travel further and further away from the homestead to hunt for their meat. This season on Alaska: The Last Frontier, they must contend with all that and more, including battling gale-force winds as they come together to make necessary repairs to the homestead, such as rebuilding the hay barn after the high winds blow the tin roof off.

As if an earthquake isn’t enough, the family faces other challenges as well. This season on Alaska: The Last Frontier, Otto and Charlotte will face their own mortality. Broadway World shared that Otto finally decides to have surgery to repair his life-threatening hernia, and a heartbroken Charlotte must deal with her mother’s passing just a few days before Mother’s Day.


As for the younger Kilcher family members, Eivin and his wife, Eve, continue to focus on their growing family. Eventually, Eivin begins to realize on this season of Alaska: The Last Frontier, that Otto needs him to step up and contribute even more. Eivin’s homestead takes up almost all his and Eve’s time, and they will have to figure out how to keep both homesteads going.

Atz Lee, after working hard to recover from his near-fatal fall off a cliff last August, still wants to pick up where he left off and move deeper into the Alaskan wilderness. He suffered a broken ankle, hip, shoulder blade, arm, two punctured lungs, and over a dozen broken ribs in the fall. As he continues to recover from his injuries, his wife, Jane, who had reservations before his accident about the move, still isn’t too keen on the idea. Both Atz Lee and Jane are strong and independent individuals who clearly love each other, and although there are times where they don’t see eye-to-eye, they have always been able to work things out. Unfortunately, being unable to resolve this particular issue together begins to cause a rift in their relationship.


Even though the Kilcher family is pushed to their limits on this season of Alaska: The Last Frontier, they are strong and know how to come together when times are tough. As they continue to support one another, they will be able to proudly carry on a way of life that all began when the patriarch of the family, Yule Kilcher, had a vision of what they could create together on Alaska’s last frontier.

Alaska: The Last Frontier is produced for the Discovery Channel by Discovery Studios. Executive producers are Daniel Soiseth, Vince Ueber, and Brigham Cottam, with Dustin Rubin serving as the co-executive producer. For the Discovery Channel, Matt Vafiadis is executive producer, with Brian Peterson serving as the coordinating producer.

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