‘Below Deck’ Kate Chastain Says She Can’t Be Hurt By Ex Ro Anymore, Ben Robinson Denies Feelings For Kate

Was it awkward for Kate Chastain to watch her ex-girlfriend, Ro Hernandez, on Below Deck? After all, Kate’s relationship with Ro ended over the summer after she was arrested and charged with committing assault on Ro. In an interview that Kate did with Bravo’s The Daily Dish prior to the episode airing, Kate made it clear that it wasn’t going to bother her watching Ro and their past relationship play out on the show. Kate, whose legal case from the alleged assault is pending, said that her ex can’t hurt her any more than she already has.

In the interview, posted on Wednesday, Kate admitted that a lot of her friends and family have expressed worry and concern about her watching Ro on the show. Kate said that Ro can no longer negatively affect her.

“A lot of my friends and family are concerned or caring about how I’m gonna feel viewing my ex on the show. But honestly, I think the human body can only tolerate so much pain caused by another person, and I reached that quota about two months ago, so really nothing else can really hurt me anymore.”

If there is one bright spot for Kate to watching her past relationship play out on TV, it’s that it’ll bring more awareness to the issue of sexuality. Kate told The Daily Dish that her relationship with Ro shows people that sexuality is fluid.

“I’m really excited that this season my girlfriend at the time came to visit because I think it’s a really good example that sexuality is fluid. As far as her coming to visit, I think it was a fun flash in the pan for her.”

Kate, who usually live-tweets the episode, didn’t do so for Tuesday night’s episode. Did she decide to not watch the episode after all? Actually, it seems that Kate was just too busy. While the episode was airing, she was at an event with former co-star Connie Arias.

Kate did, however, re-tweet a viewer’s tweet that made fun of Ro and expressed happiness that Kate is no longer in that relationship.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kate confirmed during her Watch What Happens Live appearance weeks ago that she’s completely done with Ro. As for what really happened between her and Ro that led to her being arrested and charged with a felony domestic violence charge, Kate said that she can’t comment on it because of her pending legal case. She did say, however, that while she has horrible taste in romantic partners, she has great taste in lawyers.

On the latest episode of Below Deck, Kate Chastain’s girlfriend, Ro Hernandez, showed up on the yacht as a surprise for Kate. The two immediately engaged in some heavy public displays of affection. Upon meeting Ro, Ben Robinson, who had a past fling with Kate, didn’t seem that impressed. Ben actually described the very tall and dark-haired Ro as looking as if she “just crawled out of a fallout shelter in Moscow.”

When the crew later relaxed at a resort, Ben chatted with Ro for a bit. They both said it was good to meet after hearing so much about one another. When Kate arrived and sat down next to Ro, Ro immediately went in for a big kiss. They continued kissing one another for a while right in front of Ben.

When co-star Kyle Dixon asked Ben if he wanted a drink, Ben said he wanted a really strong one. Sierra Storm commented that Ben looked as if he was hating his life at that moment.

In his confessional interview, Ben sarcastically said that it was great watching Ro and Kate together.

“They seem very affectionate with one another. It’s great. It’s awesome [grimaces].”

Prior to Ro’s arrival, Ben and Kate had some tension over when the charter guests wanted dinner. When the usual dinner time came around, the guests were sleeping, which irritated Ben since that meant he would have to make dinner later. Kate didn’t mind the later dinner service since it gave her more time to plan her themed dinner party for them. In the meantime, she was texting Ro, which didn’t seem to please Ben. When the guests awoke and Ben only had 30 minutes to prepare it, he lashed out at Kate for the time crunch.

Was Ben just angry at Kate about the dinner service time or was he really jealous and resentful of Kate’s relationship with Ro? “I don’t have time to be texting my girlfriend all day!” he yelled during his tirade. When Kate later texted Ro again in front of Ben, Ben made it clear that he doesn’t think that she’s working as hard as him.

Earlier in the season, upon hearing about Kate’s relationship with a woman, Ben expressed skepticism that Kate, at 32 years of age, could suddenly be physically and romantically attracted to a woman when she never had that desire before. Yet later, Ben did admit that Kate seemed really happy and that he probably could have never made her so happy.

As the episode aired, Ben, on Twitter, denied that his disagreement with Kate was really out of jealousy. In response to one viewer who said that Ben might still have feelings for Kate, Ben replied, “What feelings?

In response to another viewer who accused him of being “jelly” over Kate’s girlfriend, Ben said that he wasn’t and even called the view a “f$&@ing Tuesday!

Ben Robinson later expressed bewilderment over Below Deck viewers thinking that he was somehow jealous of Kate Chastain’s relationship with Ro. He asked people what exactly he’s jealous of.

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